Who is Pickle Wheat and Chase Landry from Swamp People? When did their relationship begin? Are they still dating in 2022?

Caption : Pickle Wheat and Chase Landry are alligator hunters from Swamp People

If you are a fan of the reality series Swamp People then you must recognize Pickle Wheat and Chase Landry separately as alligator hunters and together with their relationship. But for people who have not heard of it then binge this exciting show where they do day-to-day alligator hunting for a living, risking their life. The two attractive co-stars of Swamp People, Pickle Wheat, and Chase Landry have previously surprised their audience by opening up with their relationship a few years ago. But let’s get an update on what the couple is doing now. Are they still together? Also get information on their age,  bio, and career separately including their family.

When did Pickle Wheat and Chase Landry start dating? Are they together in 2022?

Picke Wheat and Chase Landry has similar family background

Pickle Wheat and Chase Landry officially publicized their relationship in October 2020. When the Swamp people fans heard about the news they became excited but a bit confused at the same time. The reason was Chase Landry was already married to a wife and has a family. But let us first, Chase and his wife named Chelsea Kinsey are not together although they share a daughter, Riley together since 2017. But only after ending the relationship with his wife did he start dating his girlfriend and our favorite Pickle Wheat.

According to our sources, Pickle and Chase were dating in 2021 and 2022 but we are not sure if they are still in a relationship. Pickle who is quite active on Facebook and Instagram has not shared anything about their relationship. Instead of her boyfriend, she did share pictures with her boyfriend's father, Troy Landry whom she also calls her second father. Looking closely at her social media we also found out that she removed most of the posts related to Chase. We are looking forward to hearing from Pickle herself if she is being private or has completely ended the relationship.

Pickle Wheat’s short bio and family; How old is she?

Pickle Wheat from Swamp People

Pickle Wheat is nothing you expect in a typical woman. She is a talented and fearless Gator hunter and also known as a gator wrangler. Pickle was born on September 21, 1995, in Louisiana. She mostly learned everything about gator hunting from her father Eddie Wheat and grandfather, who was one of the original alligator hunters from his place. Her mother Missie Wheat married his father in 1992 and gave birth to two children, Pickle herself and her brother James Wheat.

Pickle Wheat family

Pickle grew up in a hunting family which is why her interest in this field started when she was just a  child. Let us tell you that she was not born with the known name Pickle at all. Her original name is Cheyenne Wheat. And if you go to her Instagram you could see her full name on her account handle: @cheyenne_pickle_wheat.

Chase Landry’s age, bio; How many hunting generations does Chase hold? Does he have siblings?

Chase Landry from Swamp People

Chase Landry is a 32-year-old knowledgeable alligator hunter just like his well-known father Troy Laundry. He was born to a French Canadian refugee's parents, mother, Bernita Landry on April 25, 1989. Chase grew up with two older brothers named Jacob Landry and Brandon Landry. You might know Jacob as the two brothers appear in the Swamp people alongside Troy.

Chase Landry and his dad, Troy Landry

Chase came with around five generations of a hunting family. The Landry family’s occupations were like fishermen, trappers, hunters, trappers, and so on. It is also the reason why Chase is natural at hunting techniques. Chase got all the needed skills on his blood but to make it sharp and better he polished those skills. Today Chase has a fearless gut and confidence when it comes to gator hunting.

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