Rust Valley Restorers star James West Bio: Who owns Dubs Kustoms? What is Dubs Kustoms about?

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If you are a car or any kind of vehicle lover, then you might have surely heard of the show named, Rust Valley Restorers. The docu-series is not so old but it has already gained thousands of audiences from all over the world. Especially when Dubs Kustoms joined the show, there was more attention. The cars of Dubs Kustoms have some weirdest names like The Widowmaker which make it hard to get unnoticed. The show also did the same for Dubs Kustoms. It gave more customers and popularity to it. Let’s get details about Dubs Kustoms from its origin. Where can you find Dubs Kustoms? How did it do on Rust Valley Restorers?

Who is the owner of Dubs Kustoms? When did Dubs Kustoms establish? What services does it provide?


The owner of Dubs Kustoms is a metal fabricator named James West. West is a 42-year-old man who currently resides in Kamloops, Canada. His company, Dubs Kustoms also located in the same place. It opened in the year 2015 for both business and public and is going on more successfully now. Dubs Kustoms works gently with customers so that their metal fabrication and welding will bring an artistic vision to life.

Through years Dubs Kustoms provided many high-quality custom metal works, welding service, and fabrication which is why James is very proud of it. There are many business-like Dubs Kustoms but the main difference is that they have high-quality technology and service. Dubs Kustom's main focus is on customer satisfaction. You can clearly see the proof as it is running for more than six years. Now in 2022, they are the masters of their crafts. People mainly choose Dubs Kustoms because they love working with their team and can count on them whenever they need them.

Which season of Rust Valley Restorers feature Dubs Kustoms? 

Rust Bros on Rust Valley Restorers

Rust Valley Restorers was first released on 6 December 2018. The show was previously supposed to have three seasons but the second season got split into two parts so if you count them separately it got four seasons till now. James West’s Dubs Kustoms started featured in the second season of Rust Valley Restorers. James was in almost every episode of the season.

If you have somehow missed James and his Dubs Kustoms on Rust Valley Restorers, don’t worry, James got covered. He uploaded the video of the recap of his Dubs Kustoms appearance on the show. Check out the video of Dubs Kustoms Killin it on the TV show Rust Valley Restorers.

Find Dubs Kustoms on social media


Dubs Kustoms has its own page or profile on every social media platform. Dubs Kustoms has 15.7k followers on Instagram in early 2022. Its Instagram handle is @dubskustoms. Find Dubs Kustoms account on Facebook also with the same name @dubskustoms Aside from two, the biggest platform for Dubs Kustoms has been on Youtube. Check out one of the Youtube videos uploaded by Dubs Kustoms where James shows the sickest vehicles of all time. He has overall collected around 48 thousand views on his Youtube Channel. Don’t forget that Dubs Kustoms also has its own websites highlighting projects, general welding, Online shop, and contact information. The name of the website is

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