Everything to know about QVC host Monifa Days

Caption : Monifa Days

Monifa Days is a powerful black lady in Chicago show business, who went from TV shows and movies to program host trainee. Today, she is a new program host on QVC and a Detroiter. Read along to know more of Monifa’s journey to QVC and find out about her lovely husband and family. Also, get updates on what she is doing now in QVC.

Monifa Days Age, Bio

Monifa Days is a mom, wife, writer, creator, and air program host on QVC. She was originally born in Detroit Michigan then raised in Chicago and grew up in Los Angeles. She has a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) Degree in theatre from Wayne State University and an MFA Degree in acting from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. 

Though Monifa’s birth year and age might be unknown, she surely is a December girl. Even she doesn't feel ashamed wishing herself a Happy birthday to me on her Instagram. Also, another reason December is her favorite month is because of the holiday season too. We bet she has lots of fun and enjoys that month every year.

Monifa’s early career: Her movies and TV shows

Monifa started her career performing several plays, such as Wedding Band, Layla’s Dream, Spunk, and even originated roles in ‘The Bluest Eye’. When she participated in a nationwide acting contest, she won against 2500 people and the prize package was over $100,000.

We heard that with that money she moved to Los Angeles to achieve her big dreams. She started doing commercials, appeared on television shows like ‘Criminal Minds, ‘Bluff City Law’, produced large-scale fundraisers, and did voice-overs. Along with that she also directed short films, wrote two original comedies and a tv drama show. Along with everything she did as an acting coach for adults and teens for the August Wilson Monologue Competition. 

Who is Monifa Days's husband?

Monifa Days is a wife and a mom with a beautiful family of three. She and her husband, Will Sims, met at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign when she was studying for a master's degree and today in 2021 they are still together. This sums up that they have been together for more than 19 years and on their anniversary she shared this couple's picture on her Instagram calling him an amazing man.

Monifa and Will are also blessed with a beautiful daughter named Makila Sims. The beautiful family is very close to each other as you can see in the picture of them wearing matching outfits for Christmas. She mentioned that one of her greatest joys comes from being a mom to a beautiful daughter and we cannot agree more than that.

Monifa Days loves her QVC job

Loving your job is one of the rarest things these days and Monifa's love for her job is one of them. She is beyond proud and happy with what she does and even uses hashtag like #ilovemyqvcjob on her every work-related post. Recently she hosted her first solo shift on QVC2 and shared her experience of rollercoaster via Instagram. This is many people’s dream job so we believe she is inspiring lots of other people.

What is Monifa Days doing now?

Recently QVC introduced Monifa as a new program host so definitely she is hosting with her amazing and charismatic personality. She also recently made a little funny video with Halo bolt and did a 2-hour solo garden show.

In quarantine, she seemed to get involved in gardening which has made her quite professional, and now knows a lot about planting and gardening stuff. Monifa also has several upcoming projects in the works so go to QVC.com to keep an eye on her projects and follow her Instagram handle @monifadays to get more quick updates.

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