Frank Somerville Health Update: Where is Frank Somerville now?

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Fans of longtime KTVU anchor Frank Somerville have been worried about his health after his recent broadcast, some even wondering if he had a stroke. He hasn’t returned on air after slurring his speech. Days after the incident, it has been reported that Frank will be taking a leave to focus on his health. Keep reading to find out where Frank Somerville is now and who is Frank Somerville’s wife.

What happened to Frank Somerville?

One of the Bay Area’s most recognizable news personalities, Frank Somerville had his fans worried after he was pulled from a Sunday 10 o’clock broadcast. The anchor mispronounced words and slurred his line while reporting a police attack in Santa Clara.

Frank was pulled from the broadcast 15 minutes in and his co-anchor Julie Haener stepped in to do the job. He hasn’t returned to the screen after his recent health scare. According to news sources, Frank has refused to comment on his health. 

Where is Frank Somerville now?

Fans of the anchor have been patiently waiting for an update on Frank Somerville’s health and well being. But so far they haven’t gotten one. On May 31, Frank did speak to local media commentator Rich Lieberman and assured him that he would be back on the air that night. He went on to reveal the reason behind his slurred speech.

He said that it was because of a mistake with his prescription medication. He further allegedly assured Lieberman that he had not been drinking and had mistakenly taken Ambien before his broadcast. Amber Eikel, KTVU News Director, has allegedly asked Frank to take some time off. For June 2nd’s 6 o’clock broadcast, anchor Heather Holmes took over the show with Andre Senior announcing that both Frank and Julie were off that day.

Frank Somerville health update

Frank Somerville daughter

Although the anchor hasn’t addressed his health concerns personally, a spokesperson for Fox told Mercury News that Frank will be taking a break to focus on his health. "We can confirm Frank is taking time away from the desk to focus on his health and we welcome his return when he is ready."

Frank Somerville has been a fixture in the Bay Area news scene for two decades. He became an anchor in 1992 and began co-anchoring the evening shows in 2008 after replacing legendary newscaster Dennis Richmond. He has received three Emmy awards at KTVU.

Who is Frank Somerville’s wife?

Frank Somerville wife

Frank Somerville is married to television producer Donna Wright Somerville. The pair share two daughters, Sydney and Callie. Frank and Donna have been married for almost 30 years now. Frank's wife, Donna, has worked on talk shows like The Phil Donahue Show and The Joan Rivers Show. She is a native of Churchville, Pennsylvania and is currently a producer at NBC. We wish the father of two a speedy recovery.

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