Radio personality J.D. Ryan on “The Russ Martin Show” host Russ Martin’s death

Caption : JD Ryan

John David “J.D.” Ryan was born on November 14, 1956, in Fort Worth, Texas. From a young age, he loved flying. At the age of 14, he took his first flight on a glider (an aircraft similar to an airplane but without an engine) and received his private license at the age of 17. He is also a NAUJI-certified scuba diver. He has already dived in St. Thomas, Water Island, Cozumel, and will soon dive in Australia, too. 

He has built an audio production studio in his aircraft hangar home in Fort Worth, Texas. It is because he likes to keep his passion close to him.

In 1995, he once starred in a Cinemax movie called Seduction of Innocence, playing the role of an undercover police officer, Jim Chapman.

Who are J.D. Ryan’s parents? Who is he married to?

Ryan’s father was a nuclear engineer who worked for Westinghouse. His father was a Texas A&M grad and was also a U.S. Army Colonel.

Ryan has kept private about his marriage. Thus, there's no information about his wife. However, we do know that he has two children - sons John and Jeff. He mentioned that he knows the daddy role very well as he has two grown boys in the house.

J.D. Ryan’s radio career | How did he meet Russ Martin?

Ryan’s radio career began in college at Central Missouri State University where he obtained his degree in Aviation Technology. Later, he returned to Dallas Fort Worth, and pursued a career in the radio/television sector.

He started as the morning show “van guy” in 1981 for KPLX in Dallas. In 1982, he moved to KAFM. In 1988, he made a plan to make a fun local entertainment show called HOT TKTS. For that, he collaborated with another local radio personality, Russ Martin. A local FOX TV station picked up the show. However, eventually, both Ryan and Martin returned to the radio. 

JD Ryan and Russ Martin

Russ was an American radio presenter and host of the popular The Russ Martin Show. He was the founder of the Russ Martin Show Listeners Foundation. 

Russ died in Feb 2021. Officers found him dead in his Frisco, Texas home. Before death, he was suffering from health problems for years, including heart problems. However, the real cause of his death has not been revealed yet.

J.D. and Russ’s friendship may not have ended on good terms but J.D. commented after Russ’s death that he was a good guy with a great heart, and he hid it so well because his persona was the mean, tough rock and roll guy.

Here's a memorial video of Russ Martin, that J.D. uploaded on his youtube channel. May his soul rest in peace.

How much is J.D. Ryan’s net worth?

J.D.'s exact salary has not been disclosed publicly but with a successful career in radio, TV, film, and aviation, we assume that his net worth is approximately around $3 million.

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