Who is Kacper Kozlowski’s girlfriend Weronika Rybakowicz? Who is the youngest goalkeeper in Euro 2020 dating?

Caption : Kacper Kozlowski girlfriend

After taking the field against Spain in Euro 2020, Kacper Kozlowski broke the record to become the youngest player in the European championship. He is the new owner of the youngest player title and is also called ‘Polish Pogba’. Besides the games, he is dating a gorgeous girl and even in an open relationship with her. Keep reading to find out who is Kacper's girlfriend Weronika Rybakowicz is and also the player’s age, bio, height, and injuries.

Euro’s youngest star Kacper Kozlowski age wiki

Kacper Kozlowski, whose age is only 17 is now the youngest player to appear at a European Championship. He was born on October 16, 2003, and is a professional football player, a midfielder.

The player’s height is 5 feet 8 inches and he plays his club football for Pogon Szczecin.

Kozlowski is a classy authoritative midfielder who likes to take risks, compete and fight for everything, and even going one against one or even one against two. To the media, he said that he sees himself more as an offensive midfielder but also can play in a defensive role if the team requires one. 

Kacper made history this year when he played against Spain in Saturday night's Euro game. According to his youth coach Patryk Dabrowski, he is a confident man with no arrogance. Find Kacper on Instagram as @ kozi_6 to watch more of his posts and update on his coming Euro games.

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Who is Kacper Kozłowski girlfriend?

Kacper Kozlowski dating

Kacper Kozłowski is dating his girl Weronika Rybakowicz who is only 18 years old. Just a few days ago, she posted the picture on her Instagram celebrating her 18th birthday and also tagged Kacper on it. The young pair seems to be romantically in love as they share lots of pictures on their Instagram hugging and kissing each other.

As we see lots of players ending up marrying their high school girlfriend so we also hope Kacper and Weronika get married one day. Weronika goes through the Instagram handle is @ _rybakowicz_ 

Who was the youngest player in Euro before Kozlowski?

Just a few days before Kozlowski became the youngest player, another player also broke the same record in the same tournament. Jude Bellingham who is also 17 years like him but 109 days older was the youngest player to feature at the European championship but since Kacper beat him by a few days he is currently the youngest star.

Kacper Kozlowski accident, What happened to him?

While on the way to training Kozlowski and his two teammates got involved in a car crash that happened just a year ago. He was the most hurt out of three with a broken pelvis, broken vertebrae of his lower back, and some spinal damage. However the injuries were not career-threatening, but he couldn’t play for almost half of the year. He even shared a picture on his Instagram when he got admitted to the hospital showing his thumbs up so that his fans knew he was alright.

He missed a few matches because of that but things went back to track when he went to training and according to him he worked much harder ever since. He even said that mentally, this horrible memory might actually help him in the future.

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