Former S4C chief executive Owen Evans becomes Estyn's new Chief Inspector

Caption : Owen Evans leaving S4C

After announcing leaving the S4C channel, It has been official that Owen Evans is going to be the new Chief Inspector of Estyn. He interviewed with the BBC’s Newyddion program on S4C and gave an explanation on his new position followed by his departure from the station. When is his last day? When will he start to work for Estyn? Keep reading to find out. Also, get news about his teenage years being expelled from school.

Owen Evans leaving the S4C channel. Where is he going?

The Chief Executive of S4C, Owen Evans confirmed that he’s leaving the S4C channel. Evans is leaving the Welsh language broadcaster in 2021 and heading up to the school inspections body, Estyn. He said that he would be adding his current post until the end of the year in order to secure a good funding settlement for the channel.

Find Owen on Twitter as @OwenEvansS4C 

Owen Evans Appointed as New Estyn’s Chief Inspector in 2021. Who is he replacing?

Owen Evans

Owen Evan’s appointment as the new HM Chief Inspector of Education and Training in Wales was officially announced. The first minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford MS announced the news on 22 July 2021. 

Evans is set to take up the post in January 2022. He will replace the current Chief Inspector Meilyr Rowlands for this position. Meilyr Rowlands will be retiring at the end of August 2021 whereas Claire Morgan, Estyn’s strategic director will act as the interim Chief Inspector until January.

The first minister congratulated Owen on his appointment and said he is looking forward to working with him in the future. He also thanked Meilyr for all the hard work and diligence during his term in office as Chief Inspector.

Owen’s education and career;  when did he join S4C?

Prior to joining S4C’s chief executive in 2017, Owen was a Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Welsh Government. He was responsible for Education and Public Services. From 2007 to 2010 he was the board member of the Welsh language board and before that, for 10 years he worked for BT global services.

 For education, he went to Ysgol Penweddig school in Aberystwyth and graduated from Swansea University in economics.

Owen Evans, who ran one of Wales main TV channels and will be acting as the chief inspector was once expelled from school.

Owen recounted his chocolate-related incident which expelled him from Ysgol Penweddig, Aberystwyth. He was 16 years old when he did a mischievous act. The teenage boy Owen at that time thought it would be hilarious to whip up several dozen chocolate cornflake cakes for his teachers which he'd laced with laxatives. And the results were more explosive than perhaps he had imagined. From a total of the 40 teachers to be in school the next day, only 17 could show up.

Owen’s dad though gave him some talking to which he shook off like water off a duck's back. But it was the disappointment and sadness in his mother's eyes that really hit home. And from there and then, Owen resolved to do better.

Owen mentioned that getting expelled was a massive kick up the bottom for him.

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