Jill Glavan leaves Fox59 and CBS4 after nearly a decade, where is she headed? Who is her husband?

Caption : Jill Glavan no longer at Fox59

Jill Glavan, a reporter for Fox59 and CBS4 announced in July 2021 that she was leaving the network with a heavy heart. She received many compliments for being a brilliant and terrific reporter on her announcement news whereas some are very sad to see her go. The viewers of the show are questioning if she has a new job. And whether or not they could see her on-air again. Let’s find out why she left Fox59 and CBS4. Where is she going?

Jill Glavan leaves Fox59 and CBS4 after a total of 9 years

Over the past 9 years, Jill has been heartily welcomed and trusted to so many people’s homes to tell their stories. She is thankful to everyone who helped her gain a much deeper understanding of the world. 

But On July 2, 2021, she went to her Instagram and Twitter accounts to officially share the news of her departure from Fox59 and CBS4. In her farewell post, she expressed her gratitude, especially to the Indianapolis community. 

She also said, ‘It’s a bit surreal writing those words and I wish there were a way to put it less bluntly. Changes in the industry and in my personal life converged and I feel it is time to take a leap of faith and explore new opportunities.’

July 2, was her final day at the station, the same day she announced her departure news.

What is Jill Glavan’s next step?

Glavan has not announced the next step of her career yet but she will be staying In Indianapolis As we know, she will have a lot of time now, she will be mainly using it to focus on being a mom. After that, she will slowly figure out what’s next.

Although she shared the news on her social media, she declined to get interviewed for this story.

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Who is Jill Glavan’s husband?

Jill Glavan husband

Jill Glavan got married in late 2017 to her husband Nate. Jill and Nate were best friends before they became husband and wife. Nate proposed to her with an engagement ring in late 2016 and after exactly a year the couple got married. Jill shared her wedding post on her Instagram mentioning their wedding was more like a reunion. 

The couple will celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary in 2021. On their first and second anniversary, JIll went to Instagram to share a lovely photoshoot of them as groom and bride and their wedding cake.

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Jill Glavan’s age, bio, and career

Jill Glavan is a newly former journalist and a mom. She has been an American reporter on FOX59 News and CBS4 News since joining the station in 2012. She led the CBS4 Problem Solvers team, which made her super busy every day working on behalf of viewers to get results. In addition to working on the Problem Solvers team, she also covered other topics, including Super Bowl XLVIII. 

Glavan was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, after growing up there, she and her family moved to Indiana. She spent summer during her college years at the University of Missouri getting to know Indy more, which she now considers herself an adopted Hoosier. In one of those summers, she also interned at FOX59 where she developed her professional skills as a journalist.

While she’s not working, she enjoys reading, attending live concerts, spending time with family and friends, and cheering on her favorite teams: the Colts and Mizzou Tigers. She also considers herself a cat lady.

Find Jill on Instagram as @jillglavantv to watch more of her pictures and future updates of her career.

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