Will there be Season 8 of Homestead Rescue? What is Homestead Rescue cast/family net worth?

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On Discovery Channel’s Homestead Rescue, we saw a ton of city folk try to make a go for homestead living but the Raneys are the favorite homestead rescuers of all time. The TV reality show Homestead Rescue features Marty Raney and his children Misty and Matt who attempt to teach other families the essential skills on how to survive and thrive in the wilderness. After the last season aired in 2020, fans are repeatedly questioning when Season 8 will come? 

Read on to find out the new season updates and we also present you Marty Raney wiki and his family following their net worth.

Marty Raney bio age wiki

Marty Raney is a famous TV personality especially known for none other than Homestead Rescue. He is a mountain climber, songwriter, musician, and also an actor featuring in few films.

Marty was born on March 8, 1957, which makes his age 64 this year. He has a deep passion for exploring nature and dedicated his life to living and working on the land.

When Mary moved to Alaska for its wilderness, he met his soulmate Molle Roestel. Marty and Mollee married there and are very supportive of each other till today. Their 47 years together as married prove their love and commitment and they have a happy family.

Find Marty on Instagram from here: @marty.raney

The Raney family

Marty and his wife have a total of four children together. Two of their children, Math, and Misty are regular cast members of Homestead Rescue whereas the other two are Melanee and Miles who are older than the other two.

The family lived their entire lives surrounded by harsh conditions suffering a lot but all of them learned to live and grow with each other. Even though we can only see the two younger children: Math and Misty on the show, all the family members are very close to each other.

The Raney family travels from place to place helping people learn wilderness skills, required to live and thrive. They provide assistance and encouragement and that's what makes them the favorite rescuer of the show.

Will there be a new season of Homestead Rescue? Season 8 updates

The last season of Homestead Rescue Season 7 premiered in June 2020 where we see the family tackle treacherous challenges that come with living off-grid. The review of last season was high and very positive nonetheless Discovery Channel has not renewed Season 8 yet. 

Unfortunately, this show might be either on a break or planning for the new season. So far we do not have the release date of Season 8. 

Is Homestead Rescue cancelled? What happened to Raney family?

Homestead Rescue cast/family’s net worth 

The Raney family earns a very good salary despite their hesitation in talking about their wealth in front of the camera. You might be curious to know how much their net worth is as the show: Homestead Rescue has huge resources and budget. Here’s the individual net worth of The Raney family.

Marty Raney is a self-made millionaire and has a net worth of more than $ 1 million. Whereas, his children Misty and Matt's net worths are $30,000 and $25,000 respectively. All of them made their fortune through their passion and family business.

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