Who is Eric Bain “Boosted Ego” from Street Outlaws?

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Erin Bain is a famous grudge racing personality, renowned for being a part of the Discovery Channel’s hit reality show, Street Outlaws. His car, Boosted Ego, has helped him win several races, making him one of the strongest contenders on the road. If you look forward to knowing more about this star racer’s family life, you’ve come to the right place. Read on his full bio to learn everything about his wife and daughter.

Eric Bain got married to his long-time girlfriend Janna in 2017

Eric and Janna have been together for quite a long time. Eric has not been open about his dating history but it seems like the two have known each other since the early 2010s. The duo has been going strong with their relationship even after so many years. 

eric bain and janna bain engagement

Eric became engaged to his girlfriend on July 14, 2016. Janna announced the news via her Instagram, sharing a beautiful picture of them embracing. “#isaidyes #wifey #futuremrsbain #lovehimlikecrazy #isthisforreal lol,” Janna wrote in the caption. The engagement ring is from John Mays Jewelers, located in Fort Smith, Arkansas. 

Erin Bain and Janna Bain wedding

Eric and Janna took their relationship to a whole new level a year later. The couple finally said “I Do” and officially became a family on July 1, 2017. 

Neither Eric nor Janna has revealed their age but Janna’s Instagram suggests that she celebrates her birthday on March 17. 

Eric and Janna’s daughter turned 6 last year

The reality racing star and his wife are parents to an adorable daughter named Makynli. The baby girl celebrated her 6th birthday last on June 21, 2018. The baby is both Eric and Janna’s first and only child.

Makynli Bain

Makynli is currently in first grade. She is studying at Frances and Jeannette Lee Elementary School in Caddo Mills, Texas. 

Janna’s Instagram account is filled with pictures of Makynli. If you scroll through her profile, you can really see Makynli growing up and it’s really adorable. Eric claims that his daughter is his number one fan. 

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