How much weight has Sue Aikens from Life Below Zero lost? Has she divorced again in 2021?

Caption : Sue Aikens

Mother and a grandmother, Sue Aikens is a 57-year-old reality star widely recognized for her appearance in a docu-series Life Below Zero. She began appearing on the show from its first season which premiered in 2013 and when she returned for the new season in 2019 fans immediately commented on her weight loss. The weight loss news was one of the more talked about topics than the show Life Below Zero itself. Let’s find out how much weight she lost and keep reading to find out her tragic marriages and husband.

How many pounds Sue Aikens lost? Weight loss journey

Losing weight is not an easy thing to do so when viewers of the show noticed Sue Aikens's new body, they couldn’t stop talking about her. Sue has previously described herself as a ‘chunky little monkey’ but her current weight will deny all the old nicknames given to her. Total she lost 75 pounds in just a year. and she deserves respect for that. But what led to the major transformation for being fit and healthy right?

Well Sue herself explained in one of her interviews that she wanted to commit to a healthier lifestyle because it has a lot of benefits and the women did it. Even after struggling with a series of old injuries she pushed herself every day and started getting into shape. We heard that her new body makes her feel happy and comfortable.

Sue Aikens dating and marriage history? Her husbands and children

Not twice but thrice, yes you heard it right. Sue Aikens has been married thrice in the past. Here’s a closure: Sui Aikens's first husband passed away because of a brain tumor and then in 1987 she married her second husband named Eddie James. They lived together for more than 15 years and separated but remained great companionship until h e passed away too. She has two children, a son and a daughter with him.

This whole situation makes her a two-time widow and when she came to ‘The Ellen Show' she joked about it saying how she outlived two husbands as if she was a black widow. LOL Here's a video of Sue on the Ellen Show with the guest host Melissa McCarthy.

Sue then re-married her third husband, unfortunately, that also didn’t work as her husband wanted to be with a younger woman. Seems like Sue is unlucky in love but surely she doesn’t seem to stay single for a long time.

This time she might not be getting married again but she is in a relationship. Let’s find out who.

Who is Sue Aikens's boyfriend now?

Sue Aikens boyfriend

Currently, Sue is in a long-distance relationship, and her boyfriend's name is Michael Heinrich. Michael was most likely born in 1969 and around 52 years of age at present. Access to Michel’s Facebook, he works as a journeyman electrician for Local #3 IBEW, based in Flushing, New York. Long-distance relationships can be tough but they surely made it work. Slide this post from her Instagram to watch more of their pictures together.

Also, check out her Instagram @sueaikens to see more pictures of the two.

How rich is Sue Aikens? Her net worth 

We can already tell you that Sue is a rich, strong, and independent woman. She. earns $200,000 a year for her appearance in Life Below Zero and charges $350 for accommodation in the wilderness for tourists. She is also the founder of Kavik River Camp, which she bought in 2002. As per the report she also owns the only gas station on the east side of the north slope and she might have other sources of income too. As of 2021, her net worth is more than 5 million dollars.

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