What happened to Ashley “Dead Eye” Jones from Swamp People? 2020 Updates

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 Ashley Jones caught the attention of many people when she joined the History channel’s alligator hunting show, Swamp People. Ashley is one of the few female cast members on the show, who made her debut in 2019 during the show’s tenth season. Ashley immediately became famous by the moniker “Dead Eye” after appearing in Swamp People but her journey to fame was not easy. She had faced a serious crisis in life before making her way to Swamp People. 

Ashley Jones suffered depression after tragic miscarriage

When Jones first joined the Swamp People cast, viewers immediately took notice of the energy she infused into the series. But viewers did not know what made her the woman she was. 

Shortly after getting her breakthrough, she opened up about a personal crisis she went through which led her to be called as an alligator hunter. 

In her interview with The Clarion-Ledger, she revealed that she had suffered a tragic miscarriage in the past, following which she suffered from depression “without even knowing it.”

It was in 2014 when the unfortunate tragedy struck her life. She was left without any emotion. She recalled, “It was like I was dead inside. It was like just going through the motions of life without getting anything back from it. It was a hormonal imbalance and that's normal, but I didn't have anything I was passionate about to fall back on."

Jones could sense that she was missing out on something important in her life and that she had to do something but she could not figure out anything. 

Jones’ husband, Chad, could also see that his wife had been struggling to find a higher purpose. So he came up with a suggestion for her to accompany him on a deer hunting trip. It was that trip that made her feel alive again. She kept switching between games and by the time she tried alligator hunting, she could distinguish herself as an expert hunter. 

Thankfully, she also met a man, a mutual friend of her and her husband, who was friends with the Swamp People production team. Jones could not believe it when she actually landed the reality show. Jones said, “I watched the show religiously and never in a million years would I have thought I would be on it — ever. Actually, it's still surreal to me. I've watched three episodes with me on it and it still doesn't seem real."

As of now, Jones has successfully overcome her depression. She is enjoying a happy life as a bonafide reality TV star, a mom to her three children and a loving wife to her attorney husband. As of late, her eldest son is 12, her daughter is 8 and the youngest son is 5. 

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