Who is Pickle Wheat from Swamp People? Find out who her boyfriend is

Caption : Swamp People star Pickle Wheat

Pickle Wheat from the famous show Swamp People is a hunter and a television personality who has the special skill of trapping alligators. When it comes to her specialty about trapping alligators, she picked it up from her father, a gator wrangler. It is known that Pickle’s great great grandfather was one of the men who introduced gator wrangling in St. Bernard Parish.

The skill did pass down from generation to generation in their family. Apart from hunting alligators, her family is quite an expert at trapping different kinds of birds like ducks and turkeys which helps keep running the family business.

What is Pickle Wheat’s real name? Who are her parents?

Pickle unsurprisingly does sound like a put-up name. The star did willingly decide to use this name in the show rather than using her original name.

Pickle Wheat's parents

Pickle Wheat was born on September 25, 1995, in Poydras, Louisiana. Currently, aged 25, Pickle is the daughter of Missie and Eddie Wheat. Deeper research into her family details also revealed that she has one sibling, a brother, who is an aspiring country singer named James wheat.

Pickle's real name is Cheyenne Nicole Wheat. When asked about her nickname, she described how she got it. “My nickname came from my daddy,” Pickle said. “My middle name is Nicole and when you say ‘Cheyenne Nicole’ enough it starts to sound like ‘shiny pickle.’ I got so obsessed with pickles from a young age.”

Who is Pickle Wheat’s Boyfriend?

Pickle has been dating her co-star, Chase Landry, at present. Pickle officially confirmed their relationship back on October 25, 2020, on Facebook by updating her relationship status. After it had been official, she received tons of messages and comments on her social media. The way Pickle looked at Chase in this picture shows how strong their chemistry must be. 

Pickle Wheat boyfriend

Chase is the son of the renowned Swamp People star, Troy Landry. He was reportedly married to Chelsea Kinsey. The couple had their first daughter in 2017. They named her Riley Blake Landry. Chase and Chelsea decided to part their ways after they had some differences. Currently, they are divorced as per reports.

Chase was born on 25th April 1989, which makes him six years older than Pickle. Despite the age difference between the couple, it must be said that there are things very common between them, hunting being the obvious one. Both of them are very shy in real life, the two are also pretty private about their life with the world.

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How much is Pickle Wheat worth?

The alligator market is known to be estimated to worth around  $10 million. Pickle might not earn as much as the other cast members from the TV show. In Louisiana, swamp people usually make around $25,000 - $50,000 for killing an alligator, however, the sources have also said that the price has been dropped due to competition facing from overseas. The estimated net worth of the 25-year-old is said to be around $100,000 as of 2021.

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