Where is The Santa Clause star Paige Tamada today? What happened to her? What is her net worth?

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It has been over two decades since we stopped seeing Paige Tamada in both movies and TV shows. Paige was in the show business for around 8 years with the fame every celebrity wishes for but she left the film industry while being at the top. Paige Tamada is now known as the former Hollywood cutest actress for her successful roles and movies one of them being The Santa Claus. Let’s take a glimpse of her childhood career and her acting journey. Why did she stop acting? Find out what she is doing now. 

Paige Tamada’s acting career? Why did she leave acting permanently? 

Paige Tamada in The Santa Claus

Paige Tamada's childhood career took off in 1994 when she joined the family comedy movie named The Santa Clause. The movie got lots of love, tons of nominations, and two important awards. Before The Santa Clause film, she was in two other movies named dMad city and Milo. But after playing in three movies, Paige went to do TV shows. She appeared in around nine shows at a young age.

Then in 1999, when she turned 14, she went away from the film industry.  She stopped acting completely and from what we heard she went to college and university. Her team tried to keep everything private about the reason for her disappearance but there are still rumors which say it got difficult for Paige to deal with the popularity at a young age.

But even after completing her education, she didn’t return to the movies. Instead of going back to her huge career, she started to work in the human resources department. 

How much did Paige earn from her short acting career?


Many new audiences may not know Paige now but her movies are still quite popular to watch on holidays. Especially the classic super hit Christmas movie The Santa Clause, which made 189 million dollars on a $22 million budget. Our reliable sources say the incredibly talented former actress made approximately $1.5 million through her acting career. While she did not spend much time in show business, she earned a heavy income.

Paige Tamada’s age, bio; Is she married?


Paige was born on 11 Jan 1985 in California, USA. Her full name is Paige Yukiko Tamda. She turned 37 in 2022. Her height today is 5 feet 5 inches and weighs around 55 kgs. Tamada began her acting career at the age of 6 and after a few years rose hugely to fame as a child actress. But her acting journey ended in 1999. Her final acting project was in Ally McBeal.

Paige did sort of vanish from everyone’s eyes when the show was at the top in the show’s business but even now she is nowhere to be found on social media. Her personal life and relationships information is all kept private. However she is in her 30's, there is a high chance she got married to a wonderful partner.

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