Why did anchor Mark Wright leave King-5? Where is he going? What is his net worth?

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Mark Wright has deeply saddened many viewers after announcing his departure from King 5 in 2022. He had been working with King 5 for more than 10 years and overall in the news industry for more than 20 years. As many viewers were wondering if his decision to leave King 5 has to do with a new job and family, let’s find out. Also, get updates on his wife with whom he recently celebrated more than three-decade marriage. 

News Anchor, Mark Wright left King 5 after a decade. When did he join the station? His last day

Mark Wright left King-5

Mark Wright, who debuted his career on the King 5 in 2011 announced his departure through social media. Mark went to his Facebook to share the sad news with a picture of him from his first day at King TV. He also mentioned that his last day is on Feb 19.

Mark is very proud of his work and the time he gets to share with his colleagues. He shared an amazing experience at his job. According to Mark, he shared more time with his colleagues than his family in the last couple of years. He gave love to the team and the audience who watched him from home. He also added that he appreciates his viewers more than they know.

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Why did Mark leave King 5? His new job updates

Mark, who was serving his home town might have left the station but he is not long gone from his audiences. Along with his heartbreaking goodbye to King 5, colleagues, and viewers, he did add one good news. 

Mark wrote in his Facebook post that he got something planned for his next work. He did not share the exact details but it’s something exciting and will be out very soon. As far, all we can assure you is that he is still with us being much involved with communities.

Mark’s family: wife and children; Who is he married to?

Mark Wright married wife children

Mark always had a wonderful family alongside his busy career. He lives with his wife and two children. His wife’s name is Jamie Wright whom he calls his sweetheart. Recently the couple shared their 35th anniversary together. Mark went to his Instagram to share the picture of their wedding day where he recalled some funny memories.

Mark also shared a short story about how in his first valentine with his wife Jamie, he gifted her a plant more so like ficus instead of flowers. He called the incident gaffe and said that his wife was gracious to forgive him. To this day, the two called it the "love plant incident".

Where is Mark Wright today? What is his net worth?

Mark Wright salary net worth

Mark Wright finds himself blessed to work and live in his home town Seattle. Not only that he got to serve his community, but he also earned a wealthy life through the job he loved the most. Mark’s salary in KIng 5 ranged between $40k to $100k. His net worth is approximately $1-$3 million. He says not every journalist gets the opportunity to do that.

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