Everything to know about This Old House cast Jennifer Nawada

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Jennifer “Jenn” Nawada is one of the cast members of the famous home improvement reality shows, This OId House and Ask This Old House. While viewers have got to know a lot about Jenn’s works via these shows, there are a lot of things from her personal life that the camera has nor covered yet. Read on as we present you a detailed biography of Jenn Nawada, including information of her husband and children. 

Jenn Nawada’s career and net worth details

As a residential landscaper, Jenn has been helping her clients convert their land into the sophisticated, stylish and natural environment, helping them realize the potential of their property. She has been imparting her valuable knowledge on making our landscapes more beautiful and functional.

Jenn is an expert in this field, having the ability to manage projects of any size. She designs, manages, and implements projects of small to large sizes. Needless to mention, her works have been leading to healthier connections between people and their environments. 

When Jenn first joined TOH in 2010, she worked on an Auburndale project alongside Roger Cook. The talents and skills she showcased on the show earned her a major part on Ask TOH which began in 2015 while continuing to be a regular fixture on the previous show as well.

Meanwhile, Nawada has also been managing her own landscape design company called Nawada Landscape Design, Inc. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the company offers consultation, designing and installation services. 

Prior to operating her own company, Jenn has worked at various other companies. The last company she worked for was Bonnie Ulin, Inc., where she was the head designer. She looked after designs of gardens, masonry, carpentry, outdoor kitchens, lighting, and irrigation. 

Before this, she worked at Weston Nurseries, where she served as the head designer in the Landscape Department. She was responsible for creating custom designs and on-site consultation. She surveyed each site to ensure a high success rate and clients’ satisfaction.

She has also worked at Shelburne Farms as an Environment Education Instructor. Shelburne Farms is a national historic site in Shelburne, Vermont, which spreads on the area of 1400 acres. During this time, she also worked with various landscape design companies based in the central Vermont area. 

Jenn’s successful career as a landscape designer has helped her become a renowned personality on and off camera. Along with fame, she has earned herself a huge net worth as well. According to reports, Nawada has a net worth of $4 million, as of 2019.

Jenn Nawada’s personal life details

TOH and Ask TOH have disclosed pretty much everything about Jenn’s professional life. Having an active life on the social media platforms, she has been sharing with her fans the details of life behind the cameras as well. However, Jenn is quite secretive about her personal life, keeping her social media accounts entirely dedicated to sharing her work progress only.

Jenn is living in an early 1900s house in Boston with her husband and two sons. She has not shared details of her family.

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  • Lacy Brown

    Lacy Brown - Reply

    In watching the last few episodes of TOH, ive noticed that Jenn looks like she has a malar rash. This rash occurs from either Lupus or Sjogren’s Syndrome. I have my Malar rash from Sjogren’s. I hope I am wrong, but I’ve watched her for a couple of years now and she looks sick. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis with the worst of that being in my sternum and ribcage, I also have Sjogren’s Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia. I’m not pulling my concern out of thin air. If she is sick, I hope she receives comprehensive treatment soon. I wish you the best of luck.

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