Who are Bonnie Chapman's parents? Short bio on Dog the Bounty Hunter family

Caption : Bonnie Chapman

Wondering who Bonnie Chapman's parents are? Bonnie Chapman was born to mother Beth Chapman and father Duane 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Chapman. Here's a short bio on Dog the Bounty Hunter's family and also know about Bonnie Chapman's siblings. 

Who is Bonnie Chapman? Know her parents

Bonnie Chapman

Bonnie Chapman is the daughter to her parents Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" and Beth Chapman. She was born as Bonnie Joanne Chapman on December 16, 1998 in Denver, Colorado.

Bonnie appeared with her parents in their reality series, Dog the Bounty Hunter (2003) and Dog and Beth: On The Hunt (2013). Unlike the rest of the family, Bonnie currently lives in Denver. 

She went to high school in Hawaii, receiving her diploma in May 2017. Bonnie is presently a college student.

Dog the Bounty Hunter family: Bonnie Chapman siblings

Bonnie Chapman and Dakota Chapman

Bonnie Chapman is the youngest of all her siblings (from both her mother's and father's side). She has a brother named Garry Chapman. Cecily Chapman, who is Beth's daughter from a previous relationship, is her half-sister. 

On her father's side, she has seven half-brothers; Christopher Hecht, Duane Lee Chapman Jr., Leland Chapman, James Chapman, Nicholas Chapman, Wesley Chapman, and Tucker Chapman and one half-sister, Lyssa Chapman.

Bonnie Chapman on Instagram

Bonnie is active on social media, mainly Instagram, where she has garnered over 32.3K followers as of February 3, 2019. You can follow her on Instagram @bonniejoc. On Twitter, she tweets as @Bonniejoc. 

Most recently, Bonnie posted about her parents' new reality show, Dog's Most Wanted. "So glad everyone got to hear the good news! What do you think about the new announcement," wrote Chapman in the caption. Her mother and father are set to appear in the new WGN show later in 2019.

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