Why did TikTok star Bryce Hall and Elle Danjean break up?

Caption : Bryce Hall Elle Danjean fight

Bryce Hall and Elle Danjean's break up was messy to say the least but what came after was even worse. After their break up in July 2019, both Bryce and Elle shared their sides of story on their respective social media. If you're wondering what happened between Bryce and Elle, here is the full story behind their breakup. Also find out if Bryce Hall has a girlfriend in 2020?

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Why did Bryce Hall and Elle Danjean break up?

There are two sides to every story so we'll leave it up to you to decide what went wrong with Bryce Hall and Elle Danjean's relationship. The news of their breakup broke out in July 2019 and Bryce was quick to address the issue with a video on his channel. 

Bryce revealed that it was a mutual breakup and he had nothing bad to say about his ex-girlfriend. He shared that they had been broken up since Elle returned from her Florida trip. 

Bryce Hall Elle Danjean breakup

But things quickly escalated after a video clip surfaced online  of Elle seemingly hitting Bryce multiple times. In a new video, Bryce admitted that he recorded the clip after Elle got aggressive with him when she was drunk. He said that he intended to send her the clip next morning to show her how she acted. 

But then Bryce got his phone stolen and he went on Snapchat accusing Elle of picking it up after he dropped it at a party. He addressed Elle directly and asked her to give him his phone back since he couldn't log on to any of his other social medias. 

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Elle finally broke her silence after this and in a video clip revealed that she didn't steal Bryce's phone. "Bryce has been talking about his side of things every other day and you've heard nothing about what I've had to say. Just remember that... He's no angel and we all know that," she wrote in an Instagram story.

In response to this, Bryce called Elle a "manipulative liar" and a "clout chaser", writing that she used Loren Gray and wanted to "get closer to" Emma Chamberlain's friends "for the followers." YIKES.

Is Bryce Hall dating Addison Easterling?

Bryce Hall girlfriend

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Now that Bryce is moving on with his life, we're curious who the TikToker is dating now. If you follow Bryce on Instagram you'll notice that he's pretty close with The Hype House's Addison Easterling. Is Bryce Hall dating Addison Rae Sterling?

He did post a photo of them kissing on January 2. But that might not mean anything since he also posted a bunch of photos kissing his guy friends. However, Addison is the only girl out of the group, so... maybe there's something there?

The two look adorable together and fans definitely ship "Bryson." They would want Bryce to have a loving relationship after all the toxic breakup drama with his ex-girlfriend, Elle Danjean. Stay tuned for more updates on Bryce Hall's dating life.

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