The truth about TikTok star Charli D'Amelio

Caption : Charli D'Amelio

Every girl wants to be her. Every TikToker looks up to her. The TikTok sensation Charli D’Amelio is the fan-favorite that blew up overnight with her incredible dance skills and cuteness. Here are some facts that even the biggest Charlie fan may not know of. Find out her age, birthday, boyfriend, parents and net worth!

Charli D' Amelio's parents are also on Tiktok

Heidi D'Amelio family

You knew her sister Dixie D’Amelio is on TikTok but did you know that her parents, Marc and Heidi D'Amelio, are also on TikTok? They have posted videos with other parents whose children are also in TikTok. Wish you could have parents as cool and supportive as hers right?

Who is Heidi D'Amelio and her husband Marc? See TikTok famous daughters Charli & Dixie posts about her!

Charli D'Amelio's net worth

The 15-year-old Taurus signed dancer’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million USD as of 2020. Who knew lip-syncing in an app could earn you money.

Well accumulating 41.3M followers and 2.5B likes on TikTok, 11.4M Instagram followers and 2.38 M YouTube subscribers, yeah she is famous all right.

A Super Bowl challenge with J lo??

A passionate dancer Charli did say in an interview once that her dream was to be like Jenifer Lopez. Looks like the little girl that dreamt this is living that life right now when she danced alongside the talented artist J lo for TikTok’s Super Bowl challenge.

Who is Jalaiah Harmon? Creator of Renegade TikTok dance that made Charli D'Amelio a star

Also a Competitive Dancer

Before the TikTok “Renegade” dance Charli was a competitive dancer and took part in multiple dance competitions which she posted on her Instagram.

Charli and Dixie D'Amelio

Charli told Mel Magazine that kids at school record videos of her walking to class and share them in private groups. We send Charli all the positivity and love.

Sharing a stage with Bebe Rexha

She joined Bebe Rexha onstage while opening up for the Jonas Brothers. It was Bebe Rexha who approached her for the opportunity through Instagram dm.

Youngest in the Hype house

Charli and Dixie joined the Hype house, a collective of TikTokers in December 2019 with 21 other members. As you may already know Charli is only 15 and it makes her the youngest among all the members in the Hype House.

The young star hosted her first Meet and Greet in Connecticut, her hometown for 100$ entry. This did bring a backlash for the fans who weren’t happy with the price rate but soon approved when she revealed that the money from the sales would pay for the security and the rest would be donated to Carnival for a Cause. She even made a vlog of her event and posted it to her YouTube channel.

So who is Charli dating?

Lilhuddy and Charli D'Amelio

Rumors did spread that Charli was dating Chase Hudson also known by the name Lil Huddy around New Years when the video of them kissing went viral. It was just until recently that they revealed their relationship. 

But it looks like they have called it quits. The TikTok stars have broken up after LilHuddy allegedly cheated on Charli.

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