Who is Jalaiah Harmon? Creator of Renegade TikTok dance that made Charli D'Amelio a star

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Who is Jalaiah Harmon? The original creator of the Renegade dance on TikTok has taken the internet by storm, also performing at the NBA All Star game. The Renegade dance helped Charli D'Amelio become the TikTok sensation that she is today. Here's a short bio on the real creator of the Renegade TikTok dance. 

Who is Jalaiah Harmon?

Jalaiah Harmon Renegade dance

Born in 2006, Jalaiah Harmon is the teen behind the viral Renegade dance which has been performed by countless TikTokers and celebrities across social media platforms. At age 14, she performed the dance for thousands of sports fans at Chicago's United Center at the NBA All Star Game on February 17, 2020.

Her appearance had many wondering, who is Jalaiah Harmon? Most of us didn't even know that she had created the Renegade.

What is the Renegade TikTok dance?

If you watch TikTok, then you know what the Renegade is. Everyone, from your average creator to high profile celebrities, has performed the dance on TikTok or Instagram.

Considered to be one of the hardest dances to learn on the platform, Renegade is performed to the song Lottery by K Camp. Influencers such as Haley Pham, Emma Chamberlain, David Dobrik, and James Charles to name a few have also performed the dance.

Renegade is so popular that even your traditional celebrities like Lizzo and Kourtney Kardashian couldn't resist busting their moves on TikTok. But it was Charli D'Amelio's TikTok that made the dance viral.

In October 2019, Renegade became a massive trend on TikTok, thanks to D'Amelio. Today she is the most popular girl on the video sharing platform with over 24 million fans. Charli D'Amelio is a star in her own right but some people feel that she stole the spotlight from the original creator of the dance.

But it seems like there is no bad blood between the TikTok stars as they were seen doing the dance along with Addison Easterling on Harmon's Instagram on February 17.

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Jalaiah Harmon Bio

The original creator of the Renegade dance is actually 14-year-old Jalaiah Harmon. She first uploaded her dance to Instagram ( _.xoxlaii) on September 2019. “I was happy when I saw my dance all over. But I wanted credit for it," she told the New York Times, which featured her on February 13.

A student of Fayette County High School in Fayetteville, Georgia, Harmon is an avid dancer. She has been studying various styles such as hip-hop, ballet, jazz, tumbling and tap at a dance studio close to her home in Atlanta. Harmon aspires to take her dance career to new heights and one day enroll at Dance 411, a popular dance school in Atlanta.

Jalaiah Harmon is also on TikTok and has amassed over a million followers, a number which is bound to keep on increasing. She also posts her videos to Instagram. We're glad that Harmon is finally getting the credit she deserves as the creator of the viral Renegade dance. Check back to our Jalaiah Harmon bio for more updates and to know who is Jalaiah Harmon.

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