TikTok Breakup: Lauren Kettering and boyfriend Diego Martir fighting over Kairi Cosentino?

Caption : Lauren Kettering and Diego Martir

TikTok couple Lauren Kettering and Diego Martir are in the middle of a juicy breakup drama right now. Rumor has it that Lauren cheated on her boyfriend with another TikToker Kairi Cosentino. Did Lauren use Diego for clout? Whether you're here just for the tea or you're a genuine fan of Lauren and Diego, we've got you covered. Here's everything we know about Lauren Kettering and Diego Martir's relationship so far.

Lauren Kettering and Diego Martir breakup

Lauren Kettering boyfriend

There's a lot of drama on TikTok and relationships end as quickly as they begin. Lauren Kettering and boyfriend Diego Martir began dating sometime in January 2020 and they are now in the middle of a breakup and the fans are now already picking sides. 

Both of them have unfollowed each other on Instagram. Fans noticed that something was not right between the couple after Lauren revealed in a chat that she was blocked by Diego.

Diego posted on Insta that he did not have her blocked. Then, on March 15, 2020, Diego cryptically tweeted, "I hate being used."

Well, many fans believed that this was a direct diss towards his girlfriend Lauren, who allegedly cheated on Diego with another TikToker, Kairi Cosentino. After much speculation from fans, Lauren herself cleared up the situation.

During an Instagram live, she said, "We're technically broken up." She also went on to say that she did not cheat on him. "You guys can believe anything you want to but put yourselves in my shoes," she continued.

On her Instagram, she condemned the bashing from her "fans" and shockingly wrote, "I wanted to work it out but I can't be in an unhealthy relationship."

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Did Lauren Kettering cheat on her boyfriend?

Lauren Kettering and Diego

Well, according to Diego Martir, she did. The 16 year old TikToker took to Instagram Live to reveal that he had been cheated on. He was in tears as he shared his recent heartbreak to his fans.

For a while it seemed that Lauren and Diego were trying to work it out privately. They even posted that they missed each other. But it all went downhill fast.

Just hours after Martir confirmed the breakup, he was on IG Live, devastated that Lauren was already moving on with some guy. It was later confirmed that the guy is Kairi Cosentino. 

Lauren Kettering's boyfriend confronts Kairi Cosentino

The breakup drama escalated quickly when Diego confronted Kairi on Instagram Live. But Kairi maintained that there was nothing going on between him and Lauren. Diego revealed that Lauren added some guy on her Snapchat a day after their breakup, but Lauren wasn't having any of that and she actually commented in all caps, "I can have friends."

Do you think Lauren Kettering and Diego are being dramatic over social media? They only dated for two months! One thing for sure is that Lauren clearly didn't cheat on her boyfriend, as Kairi Cosentino said. We hope Lauren Kettering and her ex-boyfriend can work things out privately! We'll keep you updated on their breakup drama!

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