Who is TikTok star Markie Werox: Everything you need to know about his personal life

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Markie (real name Markie Werox) is a famous internet personality, especially renowned for his widespread fanbase on the popular video-sharing app, TikTok. The teen star has also amassed impressive fan-followings on other social media sites like Instagram and YouTube. He is one half of the TikTok duo, Mark and Cas, and is a member of the social group, The Creator Mansion. There’s a lot you may have not known about this TikTok sensation. So we’ve created this Markie bio/wiki which includes all the interesting details about Markie and his brother Cas. 

Mark and Cas has a younger sister

Markie is the second born of his parents. His brother, Cas, who is also his TikTok partner and a co-member at the Creator Mansion, is two years senior to him.

The Creator Mansion is a relatively old social group that originated on a now-defunct app, musical.ly. It’s a small group of YouTubers and TikTokers which includes Markie, his brother Cas and two more Dutch members. 

The other two members are 24-year-old YouTuber Thomas Brok and 17-year-old Jesse van Wieren. Both of them are from the Netherlands.

Markie was born on April 27, 2002, in the United States while Cas was born in the Netherlands. Growing up, the Werox brothers have spent their childhood in both the US as well as the Netherlands. 

They have not shared much information about their parents but their TikTok has had featured one of their family members on more than one occasion. Mark and Cas have a younger sister named Carmen Werkhoven, who has guested on their individual and joint TikTok accounts quite a few times.

Among all three siblings, who seem to have become familiar faces in the internet world, Mark remains the most popular one with more than 669K followers on Instagram (@markie) and over 4.9 million followers on TikTok (@markie.ly) alone. Likewise, his YouTube channel, Markie, has more than 67.2K subscribers.

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Who is Markie dating? Does he have a girlfriend?

This year on Valentine’s day, Markie made a fun video of him asking random girls at the mall to be his Valentine. Then he posted a selfie with the five-times Grammy-winning singer Billie Eilish, saying she was his valentine for this year. Of course, it was just a prank post and it received more than 218K likes.

Markie is young, talented and good looking. Interestingly, he also earned the precious badge of Crowned Muser on TikTok. No wonder, he is liked by many girls. But is he into any special girl or is he dating anyone? Apparently, No. 

Markie sure has a lot of good girl friends but not a girlfriend. He has admitted this on his TikTok bio itself where he has described himself as “too single.”

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