Who is TikToker Nessa Barrett? Is she dating Josh Richards?

Caption : Nessa Barrett and Josh Richards

TikTok stars Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett are alleged to be dating. TikTok users have been noticing their cute videos on each other’s TikTok handles for a long time now and think that they are girlfriend and boyfriend. Here’s all we know about the TikTok couple and their relationship history.  

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Are Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett dating for real?

17-year-old Josh is an internet sensation with more than 11 million followers on his official TikTok handle, joshrichards. His TikTok has been featuring various fellow TikTokers but fans went into a frenzy recently after a female TikToker, Nessa Barret, appeared on his handle. It’s not like this is the first time any female TikToker has appeared on Josh’s handle but Nessa is something different. 

There have been chatters about Josh having a crush on Nessa for a long time. Back in August 2019, during a Q&A session, a fan asked Josh if he had a “social media crush.” Josh said in a statement that his crush is Nessa Barrett. 

A few weeks later, TikToker Miranda (@mirmason) created a post asking users to tag their TikTok crush in the comments section. And guess what?! Nessa Barrett popped up in the comments section tagging Josh Richards. 

Not too long afterward, Nessa took to Instagram to live chat with her followers. After receiving questions from fans asking her about Josh, she said, “Josh is mine. Goodbye.”

Nessa and Josh have known each other way before this “crush game.” Some eagle-eyed fans also noticed Josh bear-hugging Nessa in a fan video of VidCon 2019 which was held in July 2019 at the Anaheim Convention Center. 

Although Nessa and Josh are all over each other’s TikTok, Josh’s Instagram seems to be free from such posts. Meanwhile, Nessa has removed herself from this particular social media platform. Yes, Nessa is no longer available on Instagram, where she had more than 250K followers. 

Nevertheless, Nessa is still active on Twitter (@nessaabarrett) where she can be seen tweeting about Josh. Most recently, she shared an interesting tweet about Josh and fans could not help but say all the good things about them. 

“i dont care what people say, you guys are hands down the most adorable tiktok couple,” gushed one fan. 

Another one commented, “plz get married.”

Despite the constant shipping from fans, Josh and Nessa have not yet confirmed that they are dating. But one could easily see what is going on with them. 

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About Nessa Barrett: Short Bio

Nessa Barrett

Nessa Barrett is an American TikToker. She was born on August 6, 2002, which makes her 17 years old at present. 

Nessa began posting on TikTok towards the beginning of 2019 and within a year, she garnered more than 1.5 million followers on the platform. 

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