Who is JJ Da Boss' money girl Mallory Gulley from Street Outlaws cast? Who is she dating in 2020?

Caption : Mallory Gulley on Memphis Street Outlaws

Mallory Gulley, aka JJ Da Boss' money girl, from the Street Outlaws cast is a star in her own right. She's garnered tons of fans from the show who are curious to know if she has a boyfriend. Is Mallory Gulley dating anyone in 2020? Find out about Mallory Gulley's family in this Mallory Gulley bio.

Does Mallory Gulley have a boyfriend?

Mallory Gulley Natalie Gulley

Mallory Gulley is one of the female cast members on Street Outlaws. You may have seen the petite blonde awarding the prize money to the drag race winners on the Discovery Channel. If you're wondering whether Mallory has a boyfriend, she's single at the moment. Even if she's in a relationship, she's not the kind to show it off on Instagram. 

Instead you'll find tons of photos of her on the race track, more often than not posing with her father Kenneth Gulley, who as you know, is the owner of the Gulley Garage that's featured on Street Outlaws: Memphis.

Besides her father, on her Instagram you'll also frequently see Mallory's sister, Natalie Gulley. Natalie is a graduate of Arkansas State University where she was in the Chi Omega sorority. Unlike Mallory, we know who Natalie is dating. She's currently dating a guy named Colby Hill, who is an Ag Pilot.

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Who is Mallory Gulley on Memphis Street Outlaws?

Mallory Gulley Kenneth Gulley

Mallory Gulley is the daughter of Memphis Street Outlaws star Kenneth Gulley and Cari Gulley. Mallory's father is the owner of Gulley Garage and he drives the Bounty Hunter that's seen on the show. The 23 year old gearhead is a graduate of Arkansas State University as well.

Besides fulfilling her racing dreams, Mallory also works at Gulley Bail Bonds and KEG towing. The versatile television personality drives a purple '64 Chevrolet which she has named Ugly Ducking. Mallory credits popular racer Chelsea Day as her inspiration on the race track. When it comes to racing, she has followed her father's footsteps, even winning $10,000 prize in October 2019.

You can follow Mallory Gulley on Instagram @mallory_gulley and on Snapchat @mallorygulley. We'll be sure to update you if Mallory ever reveals that she's dating anyone! You can count on us to get you all the details on Mallory Gulley's boyfriend!

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