Who is TikToker Sarah Magusara's boyfriend, Pieta Warbrick? Everything we know about her sister and baby daddy

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At age 18, TikToker Sarah Magusara gave birth to her baby, Zamira. Fans have been curious to find out if the young star has a husband. Well, Sarah isn't married yet, her boyfriend Pieta Warbrick, is the baby daddy. Here's everything we know about Sarah Magusara's boyfriend. Also find out details on Sarah Magusara's sister,  Giselle Magusara, and her family in this Sarah Magusara Bio.

Who is Sarah Magusara's baby daddy, Pieta Warbrick?

Sarah Magusara baby

Sarah Magusara is currently dating Pieta Warbrick. You can find a few pics of her boyfriend on her Instagram. She first posted a photo with Pieta back in July 2018. Sarah hasn't shared much details about her future husband and it seems Pieta is also likes to keep it lowkey. His Instagram is private and he barely has any followers. 

You can't say the same for their baby, Zamira. The baby already has an Instagram (@zamira.rose) and has accumulated 117K followers. 

Sarah has been in a relationship with Pieta since December 2017. The couple celebrated their second anniversary in 2019. On December 22, Sarah took to Instagram to wish her boo a happy second anniversary.

Sarah Magusara announced her pregnancy on Instagram at 21 weeks. She shared a photo with Pieta on their gender reveal event on May 19, 2019. She also shared a clip of them finding out that they were having a baby girl. Their daughter, Zamira Rose Warbrick, was born on September 17, 2019. 

Who is Sarah Magusara's sister?

Sarah Magusara has an older sister named Giselle Magusara. Giselle was born on October 7, 1996 in Australia. She is a graduate of Griffith University. Giselle is also a popular Instagrammer with over 18.6K followers @gisellemagusara. 

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Sarah Magusara Bio

Sarah Magusara

Sarah Magusara was born on August 22, 2001 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. She is of Filipino descent.

Her mother's name is Ann Abelardo Magusara.  Ann congratulated her daughter on passing 1 million followers on Instagram on February 3, writing in the comments - "Wow Baby girl Sarah, well done, so proud of you .. Love you and my grandbaby love Zamira Rose.. Blessings overload.. God bless you’s more and all your awesome followers who supported you all the way."

Sarah has two siblings, a brother and a sister, both of whom are graduates of Griffith University. The Magusara family are a tight bunch. They recently traveled to France together. 

Sarah Magusara currently has 12 million followers on TikTok. She also has a self-titled YouTube channel where she posts travel vlogs. Sarah and Pieta make a lovely couple but it's unclear if Sarah has plans to make her boyfriend her husband. Stick around for more updates on Sarah Magusara and her baby, Zamira Rose. 

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