What happened to Timyka Artist from WCPO? Why did she leave WPXI?

Caption : Timyka Artist

Timyka ‘Tiki’ Artist's life is full of surprises. From her health condition to her work journey, and now suddenly she has a new family member. While the audience always saw her either in WPXI or WCPO but all of a sudden they cannot see her on the show anymore. People are wondering if she left WCPO just like WPXI. So let’s find out what really happened and where she is now. Also, get updates on her breast cancer and how she dealt with it. 

Timyka Artist Age, bio

Timyka is a famous American news anchor and reporter who worked for both WPXI and WCPO. She is 51 years old, born on August 29, 1970, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Artist graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Communication and made her mark in the journalism field.

Timyka was also recognized as a Woman of Excellence by the New Pittsburgh Courier and as one of Pittsburgh’s Fifty Finest by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. When a reporter asks her about her favorite stories that she has covered, she never pinpoints just one as she believes each story has its own meaning and specialty.

Find beautiful Timyka on Instagram as @tvtikiartist

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Who is Timyka's new family member?

Timyka has a very different experience with having a new member in her family as she didn’t have for so many years. It appeared that her father, Nelson Hullon Artist had another child, a daughter just like her all this time and she only found and met through DNA testing. Despite an unlikely beginning, Timyka and her new sister Deidra Todd are spending more time together, and let’s say they have a happy ending.

Seems like Timyka has kept her dating and married life private so it is unknown whether she has married or not. However, she mentions J.G. Gonzales as her workplace husband and a bestie but of course not a real husband.

Why did Timyka Artist leave WPXI for Cincinnati’s WCPO?

In around 2014-2015, Timyka left her position of general assignment reporter at WPXU for a new position at WCPO in Cincinnati, OHIO. After working for 10 years for WPXI, though the workplace already became like a second home she had to leave to experience a new challenge and opportunity. She wanted to grow more and continue to develop her skills, and she believed WCPO would give that to her.

Is Timyka still in WCPO TV?

After working for WCPO TV for nearly 6 years, Timyka has unfortunately left the station as well with her other fellow journalist Jasmine Minor. She hasn't yet mentioned the reason for leaving the show but she is making big plans for what she wants to do now. She decided that she will be spending lots of quality time with her family/friends and traveling as much as she could until her next adventure arrives.

Maybe that’s why she shared this sad news with a picture of her drinking and enjoying herself in a beautiful dress on her Facebook. Seems like she wanted it to end for some good reason and we wish her all the best.

Did Timyka Artist have breast cancer?

Timyka is not only diagnosed with cancer and she is a strong 14-year breast cancer survivor. This is also the reason why Timyka got involved with charities and boards like Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. In her own words for people who have breast cancer, she said, ‘Fight like you know what – like H-E-double hockey sticks, and just do it. It is scary but you have to know.

WCPO News Anchor Salary. Timyka Artist net worth.

According to our sources, WCPO news anchors' salaries start from an average of $47,806 to $112,519 a year. So we might think Timyka also earned somewhere between it but the figures also vary substantially according to the level of seniority of the employee. Her main source of income has always been as a news anchor and reporter so we wish her all the best on whatever project she chooses.

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