Is Chris McNally leaving When Calls the Heart for Riverdale? Who will he play on Riverdale?

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Rumors have been spreading that another actor from the drama series 'When Calls the Heart' is joining the cast of Riverdale. Chris McNally who played Lucas Bouchard on ‘WCTH’ is believed to have appeared on the show. If McNally does join the Riverdale cast then it’s not very surprising as he isn’t the first 'When Calls the Heart' actor to appear in this series. So, let's find out if he left WCTH for Riverdale. Keep reading to know whether he joins river dale or not and what character he will play.

Chris McNally leaving WCTH season 9

Chris McNally is officially not leaving 'When Calls the Heart' rather we might see him less in the upcoming season. If you watch the show then you must know the love triangle which has recently ended. The character Elizabeth has chosen Lucas (Chris McNally) over Nathan so it is impossible for Chris to stop being on the show. As he himself mentioned that the story has more to tell especially his relationship so he will be shooting for WCTH Season 9.

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Is Chris McNally joining Riverdale?

On June 2, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa who is a creator of Riverdale shared a photo of Riverdale cast on his Instagram celebrating the wrap of season 5, surprisingly we can also see Chris McNally in the picture. However, nobody has confirmed Chris casting yet but if he is with the Riverdale cast especially on the wrapped-up day then he must be involved in some way. He could be playing a mystery role or a guest who knows. 

When asked about whether McNally was joining the show, a representative for the CW told Showbiz Cheat Sheet that there was no casting news to share right now.

Who will Chris McNally play on Riverdale?

From all the signs that have appeared regarding Chris McNally and Riverdale, he might play as the band's manager or a role that is somehow connected to the band in the series. As it is already confirmed that Riverdale season 5 will feature the return of Josie and the Pussycats, also the wrapped photo makes it clear the band are about to hit the road in their snazzy new tour bus so there might be a chance of him playing this iconic character Alan M. Mayberry from the Josie and the Pussycats comics franchise:

To make sure we’ll just have to sit back and wait for Riverdale Season 5 to appear on the screen. Till now keep checking Chris McNally’s Instagram to get new updates on his role.

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Is Riverdale season 5 back on Netflix? Season 6 updates

Riverdale season 5 will not return on Netflix until Aug. 11, 2021. That means we’ll have to wait until at least the fall to see season 5 and to confirm the news of McNally being on the show or not. 

But the good news for fans is that Riverdale is not ending in Season 5. The announcement of Season 6 officially happened and it might come at some point in 2022.

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