Where is America’s Favourite Carpenter Ty Pennington now? The real reason we don’t see Ty anymore

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There was a time when everyone was obsessed with Ty Pennington because of his attractive carpentry skills and charismatic aura but today he is hardly seen on the screen.  In early 2000s, it was impossible not to see Pennington after he rose to fame from TLC's Trading Spaces and ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. He was everyone's favorite but then from one after another show, he slowly disappeared from people's eyes. 

If you want to know what happened then you are in the right place. We give you the real reasons why we don’t see our favorite carpenter Ty Pennington anymore. Also, get updates on his partner and whether he got married or not.

The real reason why Ty Pennington disappeared from TV

Most of the celebrities disappear from the limelight when their career begins to spiral downward and a similar thing seems to happen to Ty as well.

After a successful run as a TV show host and building a successful empire, Ty disappeared from the public eyes just like that. The reason behind it is said to be his DUI scandal and a couple of flop shows. Here's a closer look at what happened.

In 2007, police arrested Ty in the Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles, for driving under the influence which was a terrible mistake according to him, and in 2012, his popular successful show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was call-off. Still, Ty decided to keep his TV career going so he joined daytime television with an ABC talk show which flopped right away, and again after 2 years when he launched a cooking competition show called on the menu, even though that show got canceled quickly.

Pennington again tried his hand at another cooking show, but that also didn't last long and the difficult part is he was not even invited back to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in 2020 as host like before when it got rebooted. It disappointed him and his fans very much.

His fortune was not working on TV and soon in people’s eyes he became irrelevant but he never stopped helping others. He moved on to a different path, away from the screen, and did something else. Read along to find out what he did.

What is Ty Pennington doing now?

One of the many reasons we don’t see Ty is also because he is busy writing books. He has already released 3 books so far. He is also working on several projects off the screen and he is super busy these days. You can see from his Instagram what kind of projects he is working on and also how often he’s on the road for his work.

However, he revealed his work off-screen is also equally enjoyable and he has learned a lot especially being on the road. People might say he became irrelevant on-screen but he did make himself relevant in a diverse field(off-screen). Today he is a successful author, celebrity presenter, and a man who loves traveling around the countries to do home shows and his fans are proud of him.

Pennington actually has a new show on HGTV right now called Battle on the Beach, which also stars Taniya Nayak from Restaurant Impossible and Alison Victoria from Windy City Rehab.

Ty Pennington has a new HGTV show, Battle on the Beach release date

Did he marry his long-time girlfriend AndreaBock?

Ty Pennington girlfriend

It’s surprising to know that Ty Pennington and Andrea have been together ages but they have not got married yet and neither they are planning to get married soon. Ty and Andrea also never made public comments on their relationship or having kids in the future but they are happy together as we've heard.

Despite so much gossip regarding their affair, we can see that the two are very loyal and committed to each other and they worked hard together to make their relationship strong.

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Ty Pennington's net worth?

Ty Pennington might have an up and down in his career but excluding the television shows he is into several business endeavors and even wrote several books. As per sources, we hear that his net worth is $12 million but with his incredible talent and personality, we surely can tell you that his wealth will increase if he works hard in his career either on or off-screen

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