Meteorologist Wayne Mahar plans to retire after 36 years. When will he retire? Who is his wife?

Caption : Wayne Mahar is retiring

Wayne Mahar plans to retire from his Chief meteorologist position after serving for a total of 36 years in CNYCentral TV Station. He joined CNY Central in 1985 and built a legendary career throughout his journey. To celebrate his renowned career, he is also going to be proudly honored with the 'Hall of Fame' title in 2021. If you want to get details on his farewell and retirement day then keep reading to find out. Also, find out who is he married to. Does he have children?

Wayne Mahar announced his retirement during a live broadcast; His retirement day updates

Wayne is CNY Central’s (NBC/CBS/CW6) chief meteorologist who worked on the TV station for more than three decades. After serving the Central New York Community for 36 years, he planned to retire from his position in 2021. 

On Sept 2 Thursday evening, Wayne announced during a live broadcast that it’s time for him to leave the New York State Fair. He spoke with anchors Matt Mulcahy and Megan Coleman about his retirement on the broadcast. He mentioned that he planned to retire in December 2021.

Viewers only have the 3 months left to treasure Wayne on air.

Get more updates of Wayne from his Twitter. His Twitter account is @waynestormwatch.

Wayne Mahar named to the New York State Broadcasters Hall of Fame

Wayne is one of the four inductees to be officially inducted into the Hall of Fame Class of 2021.

The selectee of the Hall of Fame is the one who got recognized for being the best of the very best.

President of the New York State Broadcasters Association, David Donovan said, ’The Class of 2021 represents the best in the broadcasting profession’. He added, While the inductees represent a cross-section of broadcasters from across the state, they share one key characteristic. They have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to serve their local communities. We are honored to have them join the ranks of the legendary broadcasters from New York State.

Anchor Matt Mulcahy also went to his Twitter to praise Wayne for his honor. He wrote, ‘Congratulations to Chief Meteorologist Wayne Mahar! Just named to the New York State Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame, Class of 2021. ‘Those of us who have worked with Wayne for over 35 plus years - already knew he was Hall of Fame material’.  

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Wayne and his wife run a nonprofit organization for animals. Who is Mahar’s wife? 

In addition to an incredible broadcasting career, Wayne has a wonderful family of four. He has a beautiful wife and two children. His wife's name is Dianne and she is nearly 46 years old. The couple is very passionate about helping animals. In 2008, they started the Priscilla Mahar Animal Welfare Foundation, a nonprofit organization that raises money to support animal welfare initiatives.

On Mother’s day of 2021, Wayne went to his Instagram to share an emotional post about his mother, and organization. He mentioned that in honor of his mother he founded the Priscilla Mahar Animal Welfare Foundation. His mother’s name was Priscilla Mahar who passed away at the age of 85 in 2007. The organization has already helped thousands of animals and animal rescues

Wayne Mahar’s short bio, and career

Wayne is the finest member of the American Meteorological Society. He holds both the AMS Television and Radio Seals of Approval for excellence in weather broadcasting.

He started getting recognition for covering many heroic events like the Labor Day Storm in 1998, the Blizzard of 93, and so on. 

Along with a meteorologist career he owns Precision Weather Service too. It is one of the oldest private weather services specializing in site-specific and on-site forecasting for events, festivals, and weddings. 

Wayne seems very active on his social media. Find Wayne on Instagram. His Instagram handle is @waynestormwatch. 

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