Everything you need to know about Siberian Survivor Agafia Lykova and what happened to her | 2021

Caption : Agafia Lykova

If you hate living in isolation in 2021 then this might surprise you because here’s the story of Agafia Karpovna Lykova, a woman who has been living in complete isolation for most of her life. Agafia is the only surviving member of Lykovas’s family and she barely knows the outside world. Her unbelievable story has brought heavy attention from all over the world and we are here to give you details on her. Keep reading to know more about her life, health, family, home, and how/where did Agafia Lykova live? 

Agafia Lykova Age, Bio, Wiki

Agafia Lykova was born on 17 April, 1944, in the Siberian Wilderness near the Mongolian border She is 77 years old today and wants to continue living her life alone. Only at the age of 35, she first saw a human being outside of her own family and mentioned how her only regular contact with the outside world was a radio.

Agafia’s Lykova husband and family

Agafia’s parents, Karp and Akulina, had a total of four children and Agafia was their fourth child. They were the members of devoted old believers who broke away from the Orthodox church and decided to live a 16th-century life. 

The family lived in isolation until a team of geologists accidentally discovered them which led them to instant fame but still, the family didn’t change their way of living. And Since then, the Lykov family has become something of a legend 

Agafia has said that she married someone during one of her trips outside of the Taiga but there is no further information about it. 

What happened to Agafia Lykova?

Agafia Lykova home

In recent years, as Agafia Lykova has aged, she is receiving welfare checks a few times a year. The regional government periodically checks whether she is in good health or not and delivers essential items donated by people including buckwheat and rice and fabric for mending clothes. 

Lykova also owns a satellite phone now with which she can call the ranger at the nearby Khakassky Nature Reserve if she needs help.

During one of these checks, it became evident that Lykova’s home was getting worse through all these years and it led to a public appeal for help, let’s find out who helped her to build a new home.

Billionaire helped Agafia to build the new cabin

Oligarch Oleg Deripaska (worth an estimated $2.9 billion) stepped in for the help. He is the founder of a Russian industrial group with interests in aluminum, energy, construction, and agriculture. 

He founded the new cabin of Agafia which allows her to live out her remaining years in the only lifestyle she knows.

She already moved into a new home and says she likes it. She even baked bread and served homemade drinks to thank those who helped construct it.

Documentary on Agafia Lykova’s life

Russia Today (RT) created a documentary film on Agafia Lykova's life. Her documentary explores the history of Old Believers in Russia, the difficulties experienced by the documentary crew in traveling to Agafia's residence, the history of the Lykov family, and Agafia's life in the taiga.

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