What happened to Darlene Moran from Moonshiners? 2020 Cast Updates

Caption : Darlene Moran

The lady shiner from Discovery channel's hit TV show Moonshiners who is not just capable of barrel racing but was also an exceptional moonshiner. Although she has left Moonshiners behind, Darlene Moran is still the alpha woman you hear about on the inspiring quotes on Facebook. Find out all about her, from age, bio, why she is no longer part of Moonshiners anymore, and where she is now in the article below. 

Who is Darlene Moran? Age, Wiki, Bio

The Mississippi native Darlene is a friendly, down to earth Christian woman who is passionate about what she does. She has not revealed her age yet but we assume she is in her late 40s or early 50s. She has been competing in barrel racing for a very long time She says “I've been training and competing in barrel racing for as long as I remember.” She also has a dog, Lucy.

Who is Briscoscangetit, aka Mace?

It isn’t who is Mace but what is Mace? Mace or Briscoscangetit is Darlene’s 6-year-old palomino stallion. It is the star of almost all her barrel races. Maybe that is the reason why she has named her official site on her name and has even given her her own Facebook page.

Mace also has children which are for sale on Darlene’s site. They are mostly from weanling to 2-year-olds according to it.

The fact that Darlene has her own farm might not come as a shocker judging by the fact that she is a barrel racer and is fond of horses. Her farm also known by the name Dry Creek Ranch, is 25 rolling acres located a couple of hours away from both New Orleans, Louisiana, and Jackson, Mississippi. She also provides services like training people’s barrel racing prospects. She does all of the riding herself and has a good reputation for honest evaluations of the people’s prospects.

What happened to Darlene Moran’s family?

It is quite heartbreaking to put into words, what Darlene must have felt when the tragedy hit. Darlene lost everyone dearest to her. She lost her mom and dad, an aunt, her 8-year-old niece that she took everywhere, and her little 2-year-old cousin. According to Darlene’s friend, they wanted to airlift Darlene’s niece but couldn’t due to bad weather, so she passed away at the hospital.

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All you need to know about Moonshiners

Illicitly distilling or smuggling alcohol is known as moonshine. ‘Moonshiners’ is a popular docu-drama that airs on the Discovery Channel, it dramatizes the life of people who produce (illegal) moonshine in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Darlene’s main motive throughout her journey in Moonshiners was to make it big selling her quality-flavored moonshine throughout the barrel racing circuit. 

What happened to Darlene from Moonshiners?

We believe after such an event with her loved ones she no longer wants to continue being on the show. We can only empathize with what she is going through an we believe it is the same for the Moonshiner's crew. 

Where is Darlene now?

Whereabouts about Darlene is unknown and she hasn’t come forward after the incident. We hope she is still barrel racing and is happy wherever she is.

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