What happened to Donny Dust from Alone? Meet the cast of Alone Season 8

Caption : Donny Dust from Alone

The History Channel’s hit survival reality series, Alone, is back for a new season and filming in the most dangerous location yet. In Alone Season 8, 10 contestants will attempt to survive in the harsh Canadian wilderness surrounding the Chilko Lake in British Columbia. Donny Dust starred in Season 7 and later in the spin-off, Alone: The Beast. Let’s see what the wilderness expert is up to in 2021 and also learn about the cast of Alone Season 8.

What happened to Donny from Alone?

Donny Dust is known for starring the Season 6 of the hit survival series. Titled The Arctic, the season premiered on June 6, 2019 and took place in the Arctic along the shore of Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories of Canada. At age 38, Donny was at a higher risk than his fellow contestants as he had had a massive heart attack the year before. So, on the June 13 episode, he became the second contestant to leave that year’s competition.

Donny had his heart medication with him but he couldn’t keep his food down after eating a muskrat, which posed a serious threat to his health. At one point, the father of two children, worried that he might have another heart attack. As he waited to be rescued on Day 8, he said, "I’m gonna go home and I’m gonna have to see my wife and kids and tell them that what I promised them that I would do, I wasn’t able to do it."

Did Donny Dust have a heart attack on Alone?

Where is Donny Dust now?

Donny Dust returned to the screen once again in early 2020 as a contestant on the Alone spin-off series, Alone: The Beast. The new season premiered on History Channel January 30, 2020 and followed two other contestants’ journey to survive in the swamps of Louisiana for 30 days with no tools or supplies, only a wild boar.

Since early 2020, Donny has been spending his time in Colorado, where he attended the Primitive Skills Workshop in the Chihuahua Desert. He shared on Instagram that prior to that, he had been visiting “Terlingua working on The Big Bend movies pickup shots.”

In March last year, he came out with his second book titled Earthroamer. 

When is Alone new season airing?

The release date for Alone Season 8 has already been announced. The new season will be premiering on the History Channel on June 3, 2021. 

The upcoming season will have ten contestants surviving the Canadian wilderness on the shores of Chilko Lake, British Columbia with just 10 items and a camera. Not only must each contestant survive in total isolation in hope of winning the $500,000 prize money, but according to the network this season they may also come face to face with the deadliest predator in North America, the grizzly bear. 

Alone Season 8 cast members

History has announced the names of the participants of this year’s Alone. Matt Corradino, Michelle Finn, Clay Hayes, Theresa Emmerich Kamper, Tim Madsen, Rose Anna Moore, Nate Weber, Colter Barnes, and Jordan Bell are the cast for Alone Season 8.

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