What happened to Duane "Dog" Chapman? Where is he now? 2020 Updates

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A classic 2000s TV series that is what you would expect in a TV show about Bounty Hunters. A strong long-haired blond biker in a leather jacket and sunglasses, hunting down bad guys in Hawaii, alongside the love of his life. Dog the Bounty Hunter had it all. But every show has its end and every curtain must close. In the case of Dog the Bounty Hunter he just disappeared from the airwaves. Know about Dog, Dog the Bounty Hunter, his bio, life, net worth, where he is now, where he lives and more in this article.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Bio

Duane Lee "Dog" Chapman Sr. was born on February 2, 1953, and is now 67 years old. Born in Denver, Colorado, his father Wesley Duane Chapman (1930–2000) was a welder-turned-bail bondsman and his mother Barbara Darlene Chapman was a Sunday school teacher. He has three siblings, Jolene Kaye Martinez, Michael Chapman, and Paula Hammond. 

After successfully capturing Max Factor heir Andrew Luster in Mexico in 2003 while starring in the slice of life, a reality show called Take This Job led to his own show on the A&E, Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Duane Chapman with his late wife

An American reality television series that premiered on August 31, 2004, on A&E starring Dog Chapman, his family and others, Dog the Bounty Hunter showcased the life of Dog Chapman as a bounty hunter. The show was about tons of drama with family/team, mixing street smarts, romance, arguments, teamwork, adrenaline-laced arrests and philosophy of hope and second chances.

He has 12 children, 11 grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. He has been married five times, the last time with late Alice Elizabeth "Beth" Chapman, who was also a bounty hunter.

Beth starred on the show with him and his children. She died on June 26, 2019, at the age of 51 due to lung cancer.

Who is Dog the Bounty Hunter's girlfriend Moon Angell? Duane Chapman dating late wife Beth Chapman's assistant & son's ex

Duane Chapman's TV shows have earned him a huge net worth

The show was a big hit but the production of the show was halted by A&E on November 2, 2007, after the release of an audiotape that featured Duane Chapman using the word "nigger" repeatedly in a discussion with son Tucker regarding Tucker's black girlfriend.

After getting himself into a racial controversy caused by a phone conversation with his son, Tucker, Dog’s career was deeply hampered. After the tape was made public, A&E suspended his TV series despite his public apology.

Duane Chapman, son Tucker Chapman and his girlfriend

Before Dog the Bounty Hunter was canceled, Dog had already had new plans for a new show called Dog and Beth: On the Hunt. Beth Chapman was also a leading cast member of the show that aired on CMT. The show had almost the same concept as Dog the Bounty Hunter but this time they upscaled their base from Hawaii to other various parts of the USA. The show went on for 3 seasons. 

In early 2019 the couple announced the arrival of their new reality series Dog's Most Wanted set to premiere on WGN America. During the shoot, Beth was already diagnosed with cancer that was to be addressed on the show. The show premiered on September 4, 2019, but unfortunately, the show couldn’t be aired when Beth was still alive.

Dog Chapman's bounty hunting career and his television career have earned him a whopping net worth of $6 million as of 2020.

Duane Chapman’s daughter Baby Lyssa Chapman arrested in Kaneohe, Hawaii

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