What happened to John "Trapper" Tice? Is Mountain Monsters coming back in 2020

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We have sad news for fans of Mountain Monsters. John "Trapper" Tice of Travel Channel's Mountain Monsters fame has died at age 72. He was a driving force behind the show, which is in its sixth season. Read on to know more on what happened to John "Trapper" Tice and details on "Is Mountain Monsters coming back in 2020?"

What happened to John "Trapper" Tice?

John Tice aka Trapper from the Mountain Monsters has passed away. Travel Channel shared the news of his death on December 17 on their official Facebook page. Trapper was a leader of a team of hunters investigating unexplained creatures in the Appalachian Mountains, known as the AIMS group or the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings.

John passed away on December 16 in the company of his family at WVU Medicine Camden-Clark Medical Center. Not much has been revealed about how he died and the family only shared that he passed away after a brief illness.

Trapper is survived by his three children John David Tice, Dr. Jared Ryan Tice, and Laura Melinda Tice,  and his grandchildren Clara Elysabeth Tice, Ella Violet Tice, and Benjamin Asher Tice, and his brother Bernard (Marietta) O’Neal Tice. He was also beloved as "Uncle John" to his many nephews and nieces. 

Trapper's son, John, had some kinds words to say about the late Mountain Monsters star on Trapper's official Facebook page.  “My brother, sister and I greatly appreciate the outpouring of love and stories from friends and fans. The person on the tv screen pales in comparison to the actual legend of man, father and grandfather he was. The silence of his absence in our lives is deafening. Love you, Dad.” he wrote.

According to his obituary, Trapper was an avid outdoorsman, a gardner, a hunter and a lifelong mountaineer.  He was always an excellent storyteller and in 2013, he began sharing his captivating stories on Mountain Monsters, where he got his moniker, Trapper. He appeared on the show for nearly 60 episodes, leading the AIMS group in the hunt of legendary creatures.

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Is Mountain Monsters coming back in 2020?

The new season of Mountain Monsters premiered on Travel Channel on August 21, 2019.  It was renewed after a two year hiatus on July 15, 2019. Before moving to Travel Channel, the series aired for five seasons on Destination America. 

The show recently wrapped up with Season 6 but one can't help but wonder how many more seasons the show will get. There are widespread speculations about the show being fake. Obviously, there has to be some sort of script for a reality show to operate. So, we'll let you be the judge of its authenticity.

As for a new season, the jury's still out on whether Mountain Monsters will be back in 2020. The show has not been cancelled yet but it remains to be renewed. We'll keep you updated! Check back on this page to know if Mountain Monsters is coming back in 2020.

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