What happened to Nick on The Ranch? Will there be Season 9 on The Ranch on Netflix?

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Fans are eager to find out what happened to Nick on The Ranch on Netflix after the Season 8 finale. Who killed Nick in Season 8 and will there be a Season 9 of The Ranch on The Netflix? Here's what we know about the new season so far.

Who killed Nick on Netflix's The Ranch? 

The Ranch cancelled

The Ranch Season 8 (Part 8) dropped on Netflix on January 25, 2020. The new season answered the question from the previous season "what happened to Nick on the Ranch?." We finally found out who shot Nick. 

Make sure you watch Season 8 because there are major spoilers from the new episodes. The Part 7 finale left us with the cliffhanger "Who shot Nick?" Beau, Colt and Luke all had motive to hurt Nick. So which one of the three hurt Nick? 

The Season 8 trailer hinted that Luke might be the culprit but it was soon revealed in the episodes that Mary's daughter, Heather, was the one who shot Nick. Heather was the one who was in Nick's trailer and she found his gun that she fired when he came at her. 

“That night, when I saw what he did to you, it brought back every time he hit you, or me, or Darlene,” Heather says. “I went to the trailer to pack up your stuff, so you’d never have to go back there again. And while I was packing, I found a gun, and then Nick walked in and he saw the gun, and he came at me…”

She confides in Colt eventually and head to the police station to turn themselves in. But they find out that Mary has already confessed to the crime to save her daughter. 

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Will there be a Season 9 of The Ranch on The Netflix?

Elisha Cuthbert and Ashton Kutcher

Back in June 2019, actor Ashton Kutcher had announced that  The Ranch would be ending after the fourth season, which consists of Part 7 and Part 8.

He revealed that there were 20 episodes of The Ranch left, 10 of which were streamed later that year. The rest of the 10 episodes, which make up Part 8, dropped in January 2020. 

So, there will not be any additional new episodes of The Ranch on the Netflix. As of now, it's highly unlikely that there will be a Season 5 of The Ranch, which fans are also referring to as The Ranch Season 9.

Why is The Ranch ending? Did Netflix cancel Ashton Kutcher's The Ranch?

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