Where is Big Chief now? Why is he not racing on Street Outlaws in 2019?

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Where is Big Chief from the 405? Why is Big Chief not racing on Street Outlaws? What is Big Chief doing now in 2019? Fans are eager to know the answers to these questions.

Justin Shearer aka Big Chief is synonymous with Street Outlaws. He hasn't been appearing on the show lately leading fans to wonder if Big Chief is leaving Street Outlaws. We've got the latest update on Big Chief for you right here!

Why is Big Chief not racing on Street Outlaws?

Big Chief Justin Shearer

Street Outlaws isn't the same without Justin "Big Chief" Shearer. He has been missing from the raceway for a few months now. He is also a no show in the cutthroat No Prep racing events that's presently underway on Street Outlaws.

The show is currently airing its Season 12. Street Outlaws Season 2 began premiering on Discovery Channel on January 1, 2019. Street Outlaws has shift the focus to other 405 cast members such as AZN, Farmtruck, Kye Kelley, Doc and Mike Henson. But there's good news. Big Chief will be back on screen very soon!

What is Big Chief doing now in 2019?

What is Big Chief doing now?

The wait for Big Chief's onscreen appearance may be over soon. He may be absent on the track but the racer is very active on social media especially on Facebook. And his recent posts only suggest that we'll be seeing him back on the tracks sooner than later.

On March 4, 2019, he posted a photo of himself geared up and sitting in the driver's seat. "Ready to strap back in this thing," he wrote in the caption. In the comments, he wrote, "Thanks for all the support guys! Don't worry, we'll be back soon!"

Stay tuned for more updates on why Big Chief is not racing, what Big Chief is doing now and the Street Outlaws cast 2019.

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