Where is Charles Cimino from Fast N Loud (Gas Monkey Garage) now?

Caption : Charles Cimino

Charles Cimino aka ‘Sleeveless’ is a TV personality and reality star from the show Fast N Loud. In 2015, he was first featured on the show as a mechanic and gained huge fame through his work and looks. The audience considers him as one of the hotties of the show and when fans didn't notice him anymore they wondered whether he had left the show. Did Charles Cimino leave Fast N loud? If yes. then Why did he leave and where is he now?

What happened to Charles Cimino? Did he leave the Gas Monkey Garage?

Unfortunately, our favorite Charles is no longer a part of the Gas Monkey crew and no longer affiliated with Gas Monkey Garage. This also means that he is not on The Fast N Loud as well.

He also told one of his fans that he is working independently at the moment. if you are getting confused between Gas Monkey Garage and Fast N Loud then let me explain below.

Where is Charles Cimino now? What is he doing?

If Charles is no longer an employee of Gas Monkey Garage then what is he doing right now? So, Charles is currently in Scottsdale, Arizona and he is self-employed these days. According to our sources, he is working independently fixing up mustangs there. Here’s a video of Charles' work that he uploaded on his Instagram.

Find Charles on Instagram as cimi1220  to watch more of his active projects.

Charles Cimino Age, Bio and Family

Charles cimino children

Charles Cimino, who was born in Texas, is a Dallas native and is an expert in car wiring and light fabrication. He is a professional southern mechanic known for the best mechanics of the Gas Monkey Garage. 

It's a little bit difficult to confirm Charles's age but because one of his best friends Alex Laughlin wished him a Happy birthday on his Instagram so we can predict that his birthday could be on December 19.

Charles is also a family man having two kids. He has a son named Ian and a daughter named Presley. 

Gas Monkey Garage is actually just what its name says it is. It is only a normal garage that restores dilapidated vehicles into desirable automobiles. Whereas Fast N Loud is an actual show that highlights the project and activities of Gas Monkey Garage. 

To summarize, Gas Monkey Garage existed before the Fast N Loud show and so Fast n loud happened only because of Gas Monkey Garage.

Charles Cimino highlight and dream of his career

One of his most remarkable accomplishments came with his building of a 67 Dodge Dart. This is because a lot of people doubted and said it was impossible. So, when the Gas Monkey Garage mechanic proved everyone wrong it became one of the highlights of his career

He also mentioned in an interview that his lifetime career dream is to build the K20 Silverado. This vehicle is from the film 'The Fall Guy' driven by Colt Servers and it is one of a kind.

How did he become a Gas Monkey Garage member?

Charles's passion for cars started when he was a teenager and just when he was studying in 6th grade, he started working on cars.

After high school, he worked for various local garages, sharpening his skill until he finally got his big break. One of his old friends, Aaron Kaufmann, reached out to him and got him a job at Gas Monkey Garage. Then this took him to the show Fast n Loud.

Why is Charles called sleeveless in Fast N Loud?

It started a long time ago when he started to cut off sleeves from his T-shirt. He wore it like that even in the show and mentioned that it made him feel easy and comfortable. So, that’s how the audience started to call him Sleeveless. And instead of sleeves, he has tattoos on his arms.

Charles Cimino net worth

The Fast n Loud show was very lucky to Charles as it was making him famous and wealthier. At the same time, he was also doing something he has always loved. 

So, his net worth was all-around about $ 1 million when he was doing the show but because he is not working for the show anymore, his current net worth is yet to confirm.

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