Why did Scott Caron leave This Old House? What happened to Scott Caron?

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If you watch the show ‘This Old House’, then you couldn't have missed the great electrician of the show Scott Caron. Scott went from a local electrician to a known master electrician and ‘This Old House’ and ‘Ask The Old House’ played a big role in it. But why did he leave ‘This Old House’ when it was giving him so much fame and money? Let’s find out what happened. Also find out more about him, his wife, and their adorable children.

What happened to Scott Caron from ‘This Old House’? Why did he leave?

In May of 2018, Scott tweeted about how his involvement is over in This Old House. He mentioned that his contract with ‘This Old House’ and ‘ASK This Old House’ was over which also made his appearance come to the end. 

For 7 years, Scott worked for the show so when his journey ended he genuinely thanked his audience for watching him and his work.

If you want to watch Scott's work then you can still find his videos on the YouTube channel of This Old House.

Who is Scott Caron's wife? Caron Family

Scott is a married man and has a happy family with a beautiful wife and two lovely children. Her wife's name is Keri Caron who is a real estate agent and they have an adorable son and daughter named Jacob and Lena. 

Keri is very thankful to have Scott as her husband and she shared this beautiful photo of Scott and their kids with a caption, ‘ Grateful my kids have such a loving dad 😍 ! Happy Thursday’

Scott goes through the Instagram handle @baldpegasus but is not very active. So instead you can visit Keri’s account to see more pictures of the family and their children. She has uploaded more than 400 pictures on her account and most of them are of their son and daughter and some of Scott and hers.

Scott Caron Bio, Age

The self master electrician of ‘This Old House’ Scott Caron is the president of Caron Electric and is from Lexington MA. He watched This Old House project transform before his eyes which solidified his interest in the renovation and construction of industries. He was always hooked on this show and today people know him for the same show. How cool is that right?

We might not have the exact age of Scott Caron but we surely can tell you that he is in his mid-50s. On his 50th birthday, he lit 50 candles and celebrated the day with his wife and children. Here’s a picture of that day his wife shared on her Instagram.

What is Scott Caron’s Net worth?

From a local electrician to a self-mastery electrician, Scott has come a long way. His fame and wealth make his net worth around $600,000 and he deserves every single of them. From learning everything by himself to now teaching all over the world, he is truly a master. 

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