Where is Farah Merhi from? Get to know the Inspire Me Home Decor founder's husband and family

Caption : Farah Mehri

The entrepreneur that went from a political science degree to decorating homes and making a fortune out of it, Farah Merhi founder of Inspire Me Home Decor is the go-getter many of us inspire to be. Chasing your dream isn’t very easy especially when your dream has no relation whatsoever to what you have been dedicating your time to. And odds are you won’t have many supporters. Keep reading to find out more about the bio, family and the journey of this independent successful businesswoman; Farah Merhi

Farah Merhi Bio

The now 34-year-old Farah was born in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and currently lives in Grand Rapids. Merhi is a Michigan-based influencer that is recognized as one of the best interior designers on Instagram with her page @inspire_me_home_decor having a following of 5.7 million followers. She is also the writer of the book, Inspire Your Home. 

Get to know Farah Merhi's family:  Who is her husband?

Born to a wonderful interior enthusiast mother it seems she got her knack for designing from her. Her family seemed to move a lot when she was a child and it was her mother who made their houses into a home for the young Farah. Her parents are of Lebanon descent.  

She is the mother of three wonderful children and is married to her husband, William. Farah and William have been married since 2003. The couple celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary on May 9, 2019.

They have two daughters and a son. In her Instagram post, she tells that she chooses to respect her family’s privacy and not disclose their names. 

Origin of Inspire Me Home Decor

Farah was deemed 'stubborn', 'opinionated' as a child and was told she should become a lawyer by many. This ultimately led her to join the “Grand Valley State University” to study political science, intending to enroll in law school afterward.

With three semesters left she concluded that this wasn’t what made her happy. She describes her feelings as “unhappy, miserable and empty.” during this phase. Eventually, she left that path, despite many people criticizing her decision to find out "What made her truly happy".

She started various businesses, one of which was a bakery that made customized wedding desserts called "Unique Edibles" that did very well but Merhi wasn’t satisfied. Until she finally found her lost happiness during the remodeling of her home.

She tells it reminded her of how her mother made the houses they lived in into a home for them. And in 2012 she launched the “Inspire me home decor” page on Instagram for documenting her remodeling process that boosted up during her leave from college due to pregnancy.

Merhi’s decor line in QVC and Wayfair

Approaching a big company like 'QVC' that too to endorse your home decor line can be very daunting. But, the risk was a success for her pitch was accepted. Mehri describes this as a “pinch me” moment.

Farah has also worked with 'Wayfair' in the past with their filming campaigns and is also a loyal customer to the site. Naturally, she wanted her line to be available on their site, so she did just that.

Farah Merhi also has her website where she sells items that are not in the collections so that her customers can find the perfect decor for their home and not have to struggle to find certain items. We wish Farah and her husband, William, all the best. Thanks for checking out our Farah Merhi bio!

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