What is Gold Rush star Dakota Fred's net worth in 2020? Everything we know about Fred Hurt

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Dakota Fred Hurt is a 75 year- old gold miner from the hit reality TV show, “Gold Rush” and “Gold Rush: White Water”. Born in the ’40s, it is impeccable to see how he still maintains himself and succeeds in the freezing weather of Alaska. Find out his net worth in this Dakota Fred Bio.

Dakota Fred Hurt Bio:

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Fred Hurt was born in Minot, North Dakota, U.S on July 10, 1943. He was previously married to Lorrayne Frances Leier until her passing. Later on July 30, 2016, he married Jennifer Sheets. He is said to have been married for more than 44 years to three different women consecutively. He has four children, six grandchildren, and five great-grandchidren.

Popularly recognized as Big Boot, Fred Hurt’s profession as a professional gold miner has boosted his net worth to be an estimated $6 million dollars.

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Dakota Fred on Gold Rush: White Water

Different from its predecessor, “Gold Rush”, the show, “Gold Rush: White Water” isn’t your average gold mining TV show. Unlike the parent series that focuses on big industrialized equipment for digging out gold, this show takes a different path from it and uses mostly traditional methods for finding gold in the bottom of the river bed.

From zip lining to cross sheer canyons to using a dredge to suck up the materials for processing, the father-son duo does it all. The pair enjoys their profession and also exerts an enjoyable father-son bond.  

Dakota Fred net worth

Dakota started his career as a commercial driver in the Gulf of Mexico in the late 60s that taught him demolition, underwater salvaging, and various mining expeditions. He later shifted to mining after garnering 25 years of experience in the construction business.

Unfortunately, he failed and decided to move his mining grounds only to come back to Alaska. His decision turned out to be the best decision he made, for here he had a hands-on approach in building a gold processing plant that successfully extracted 600 ounces of gold ore from the frozen ground.

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What is Dakota Fred's net worth in 2020?

It is ironic how despite being a gold miner who has successfully found tons of gold, Dakota doesn’t live an upscale life. Instead, most of his money goes into the business itself. Gold mining is an expensive pursuit and requires a lot of financial support.

It is because of the success rate of Dakota and his son that they have been able to sustain their industry. Nevertheless, Dakota is content with his life and career choice and he is very happy. Dakota Fred has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

Dakota Fred

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Not your average old man

If we were to hear only about the accomplishments of Dakota Fred Hurt then his age comes as a shocker to many. The man is already in his seventies and is thriving better than any young men half his age. Gold mining as a profession and his methods of doing it demands tremendous strength and endurance.

And all of the outcomes are as rewarding and it is thrilling. The remote area has tested Dakota’s physical fitness many times but he has victoriously risen above all the obstacles. Even nature has generously offered him gold in the areas he has carried out his expedition.

We hope Dakota Fred Hurt's success on Gold Rush also reflects on his net worth in the coming days. For more updates on Dakota Fred, keep an eye on our Dakota Fred bio page.

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