Victoria and Billy’s daughter Katie goes missing on The Young and the Restless

Caption : Katie Abbott

A vicious enemy has been targeting the Newman family. Despite all the efforts from Victor Newman (played by Eric Braeden) to keep his family safe, someone has taken away his granddaughter Katie (played by Sienna Mercuri) from his ranch. Katie’s kidnap has the family tormented as they are unable to figure out who’s taken the young girl away. 

Katie’s “imaginary” friend kidnaps her

Lately, Katie had been playing with an imaginary friend at the Newman’s ranch. She used to play hide and seek, share jokes and play tea parties with the new friend, who wasn’t detected by the other family members. 

Katie even found the mystery person’s hiding place but unfortunately, she would not share it with her family. The mysterious dweller found just the right time to take away Katie as her parents have been quite busy in their lives. 

On Tuesday, January 29’s episode, Victor assured his daughter Victoria (played by Amelia Heinle) that her kids Johnny and Katie can spend more time at the ranch. Victor wanted to make it easier for Vicki who had recently taken over CEO duties while he is stuck on house arrest. 

Sienna Mercuri

Victor and Nikki (played by Melody Thomas) indeed took care of their grandkids but unfortunately, Nikki makes a mistake and Katie is gone. On Thursday, January 31’s episode, Nikki let Katie out of her sight for just a moment. She couldn’t find her grandchild anywhere upon turning back unlike the time when Victor went looking for her.

Panicked Victor called the Genoa City Police Department to inform that Katie is missing and insists the cops do something about it immediately. Katie’s father, Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson), is also freaking out at his daughter’s kidnap. Billy, who has already suffered the loss of a young daughter Delia (last played by Sophie Pollono) in the past, cannot bear Katie’s kidnapping.

Where is Katie Newman now?

Spoilers tease that an old character with immense hatred for the Newman family has been trying to torment the family. Seemingly, J.T. Hellstrom (last played by Thad Luckinbill) is the one who has kidnapped Katie. After all, he hated Victor so much.

Thad Luckinbill

Of course, Victor is insanely wealthy and it’s obvious for him to have top-notch security at his place. Someone who can enter the property multiple times in presence of such security must be an expert. Moreover, someone has even installed video equipment to look after all the activities at the ranch.

As J.T. was a security expert, it makes sense that he has been the one behind all this without being detected. However, considering the fact that Katie would know him by name, it wouldn’t have taken her too long to spill the beans. Katie is too young to keep such big secrets from her family. 

Justin Hartley

Yet again, Katie’s kidnapper is someone who knows about the Newman family really well but someone whom Katie does not know. Katie’s uncle, Adam Newman, is perhaps her imaginary friend. Katie was very young when Adam “died” so she wouldn’t remember him at all. Also, who else would know the lay of the land better than Adam?

You might remember - the last time Adam had returned from the dead, he wasn’t exactly forward. He might be playing the same game again.

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