The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman returning in 2019 with different appearnace

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Rumors of Adam Newman’s return on The Young and the Restless have been swirling around for quite a long time now. With recent spoilers hinting at a familiar face’s return to Genoa City, fans are excited about the prospect of Adam coming back. Read on find out if Adam Newman is really returning to Y&R in 2019.

Adam Newman is the hidden family tormentor!

Adam has not been seen on the CBS sudser since 2016 when he was presumed dead in a fiery cabin explosion. Viewers refuse to believe that their favorite character is dead as no remains were discovered from the scene. In fact, former Y&R head writer Mal Young also has a similar opinion. “He is a popular character and may not be dead,” Young stated in an interview in 2018.

Latest spoilers of Y&R tease that a major surprise is projected with Adam being revealed as the Newman family’s tormentor. According to spoilers, he will be disclosed as the hidden villain within the J.T. storyline.

Spoilers suggest that Adam could have moved J.T.’s body from its burial place secretly. He might be the one to plant evidence against his father, Victor Newman, and the one who’s been haunting Nikki.

Viewers might remember that before Adam was allegedly killed in 2016, he had no grudges with his parents or any of the cover-up members. Spoilers tease that the explosion would have something to do with Adam’s changed nature. However, we will have to wait to see how Y&R explains this scenario.

Katie Abbott

Recent episodes of Y&R hints at more possibilities that Adam is not dead. Undetected by all, a mysterious figure has befriended a young member of the Newman family, Katie. She has been playing with this unknown figure, sharing jokes and having tea parties.

Earlier spoilers teased that J.T. could be Katie’s imaginary friend. But considering the fact that Katie would know him by name, it wouldn’t have taken her too long to spill the beans. It seems like the mysterious person is someone who knows about Katie’s family background but someone she doesn’t know.

Many viewers now believe that Katie’s imaginary friend is her uncle, Adam Newman. Katie was very young when Adam “died” so she wouldn’t remember him at all. Also, who else would know the lay of the land better than Adam? The mysterious dweller has entered the Newman ranch multiple times without being detected at all.

You might remember - the last time Adam had returned from the dead, he wasn’t exactly forward. He might be playing the same game again.

Y&R Confirms Casting Call: Adam Newman returning with new appearance?

Fans have been expecting Adam’s return on Y&R ever since it was leaked that Y&R was looking for a new actor to play a role that had ties to people in Genoa City. Fans became quite assured that Adam is the one who’s set to return after a second blind item came out. It reported that a high profile character is returning. Of course, Adam is a high profile character!

Adam Newman was most recently portrayed by actor Justin Hartley from 2014 to 2016. While fans loved watching Justin Hartley portraying the role, his return is improbable. Hartley is currently playing a lead role as Kevin Pearson in critically acclaimed prime time series, This Is Us.

Justin Hartley

This led fans to assume that the soap would bring their another favorite actor Michael Muhney back but that’s unlikely to happen either. You might remember when Muhney left Y&R in 2014, he and Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) did not have good terms. With Braeden still a major cast on Y&R, Muhney’s return seems like a long shot.

Y&R executives confirmed a new casting call on the show recently. According to sources, Y&R recently held auditions for a male character in his 30s.

Yet again, the audition could have been for any old GC residents like Luca or Dylan. Tune in with us for the latest news on Adam’s casting.

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  • Cathy Viviano

    Cathy Viviano - Reply

    This is gonna get cray cray with Adam Newman and JT Hellstrom coming "back from the dead". LOL :)
  • Cally Jo Fritz

    Cally Jo Fritz - Reply

    I have been a faithful watcher since the first episode of Y&R so many years ago. Did not like to loose such a important part of the show.ADAM NEWMAN. Sometimes I think the writeres believe us viewers are incredibly stupid and we don't remember things. I remember watching someone place handcuffs in a draw in the cabin before the explosion. That was Adam. The reason no body was because he never died!!!!!!! Please as so many fans want and need Adam in this show . We have never left cause as always we are being Shined On about Adam's return. Bring the only son of Victor"s back to contend with his father as only Adam can. Nick is too nice and we cannot accept him as anything else. We need him to keep the fairness in the business world and for Sharon. Thank You for reading this.

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