Who is Aaleeyah Petty's baby daddy? Everything you need to know about her boyfriend

Caption : Aaleeyah Petty

Instagram model and fashion enthusiast Aaleeyah Petty rules social media and sets the platform on fire through her posts. But more than that her pregnancy created a huge rumor and not announcing the name of the baby's father was the highlight of her every news. But we are here to walk you through her bio, pregnancy, and her real baby daddy.

Aaleeyah Petty bio

Aaleeyah Petty, born Aaleeyah Octavia Ranza was born on July 3, 1994, in Chicago, Illinois. She is 28 years old and is an American fitness model, online personality, social media star, and a vine star. She is especially known for her posts and content on social media related to fashion, beauty, fitness, and lifestyle. 

While Aaleeyah’s nationality is American, she overall belongs to a mixed ethnic background. Her mother’s name is Monise Petty and she has two siblings named Malacas and Kani Ranza.S. She might be originally from Chicago but now lives in Los Angeles.

 Aaleeyah Petty Pregnant rumors 

In 2018, Aaleeyah was pregnant and she announced her pregnancy through an Instagram post. She did mention that having a child is one of the greatest things she could ever ask for and we bet she is grateful for it as it is the most beautiful thing. 

However, she didn’t talk about the baby’s father and neither dropped any names.

Because Aaleyah is linked with several famous men in the past, it made her fans curious but they stuck with the name Devin Booker and thought he was the father. But Aaleyah neither confirmed it nor denied it and it made rumors swirl across the internet.

But we finally know who the real baby’s father is and it is not Devin Booker.

Who is the father of Aaleeyah’s baby son? What is their son’s name?

In January 2021, it was reported that the father of her baby is Brandon Ingram who is also an NBA star and later she confirmed it as well.

She gave birth to her son, Brenton, on 27th Feb 2019 and recently uploaded a picture celebrating his pre-birthday on Huntington beach.

Aaleeyah Petty's social media career

Aaleeyah Petty

At the start, Aaleeyah was only a Vine star but since the site shut down, she placed herself on Snapchat and Instagram. She always had a passion for health and fitness so she began posting her workout videos which helped her gain lots of followers and as time went by, her videos began to go viral. 

Her Instagram handle is @aaleyahpetty and she has 1.4 million followers today. According to her, she enjoys her work as a hobby and earns a living from it.

She is now on YouTube as well and it's slowly growing. You can check her YouTube Channel to watch more videos.

 What Is Aaleeyah Petty's net worth?

Aaleeyah mostly earns her income through modeling and social media. As a model, her earning is $42,000 USD and above and also she makes money per post promoting brands and other items. We can guess that her net worth is between 1 million-5 million dollars.

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