Who is Jason Cantu from Street Outlaws? Where is Jason Cantu from Fastest in America

Caption : Jason Cantu

The American reality TV series Street Outlaws airs on Discovery Channel and is produced by Pilgrim Media group. The dangerous breath-taking series is about street racers participating in a contest to showcase their driving skills and compete against each other to win the title. But we cannot talk about Street Outlaws without Jason Cantu. Jason’s driving skills and confidence makes him one of the favorite riders of Street Outlaws. Keep reading to know more about Jason Cantu from Street Outlaws: Fastest in America.

Jason Cantu short bio

Jason Cantu has not talked about his personal life and marriage publicly but we will provide you information as much as it’s available. 

Jason is a dedicated racer from Wichita falls, located in the northern part of Texas. He has won several races in Street Outlaws and shocked fans in some races by giving brilliant performances. He drives Victoria's Twin Turbo truck and if you haven’t seen its pic then here's an insane picture of it. 

Jason Cantu wife

Jason is already married and has a lovely family. His wife's name is Jessica Olvera and he has uploaded this picture with her and a child on his Facebook.

You can go through his Facebook account to watch more of their lovely pictures and also his car.

Street Outlaws Seasons

Street Outlaws premiered on June 10, 2013. It has spawned thirteen seasons and six spin-offs to date which are: Street Outlaws: New Orleans (two seasons, defunct), Street Outlaws: Memphis (four seasons), Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings (three seasons), Street Outlaws: Fastest in America (one season), Street Outlaws: Race Night in America (one season) and Street Outlaws: Farmtruck and AZN (coming soon).

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How was Street Outlaws created?

In 2012, a person from Discovery joined Midwest Street Cars after a query about the location of a street race. He then got in contact with Chief and admitted that he wants to film a TV show relating to the Street race. Though most of the guys from the race were reluctant to participate at first thinking it was a setup to arrest, they agreed to do the show. And this is how it started.

After premiering on Discovery Channel its franchise went on and on.

What is the salary of Street Outlaws racers? Jason Cantu's Net Worth

Street Outlaws pays their racers very well for entertaining and participating in such a risky sport. The net worth though comes down to three sources. First, Discovery is giving stipend to each racer which is $20,000 and 30,000 per episode aired, second is by selling off their merchandise to their fans and the third way is the prize money after winning the race.

However, we don't know the exact net worth of Jason Cantu but we will update you as soon as we find out Hence the richest Street Outlaws racer is Big Chief who has a net worth of $2 million

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