Who is Alice McCarthy? Is there season 2 of Merry Happy Whatever?

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After watching Netflix’s Merry Happy Whatever, fans are questioning who Alice McCarthy is. The final episode of the show has a full dedication page for Alice which says ‘In the loving memory of Alice McCarthy’ on a blank screen and it made fans wonder who she is and if she has passed away. It’s strange to know that Alice was always related to the show. Read along to know what happened to her and how she's related to the show. Also, find out whether or not Netflix renewed Merry Happy Whatever’s new season.

Who is Alice McCarthy from Merry Happy Whatever? What happened to her?

Alice McCarthy was the mother-in-law of the show Merry Happy Whatever creator Tucker Cawley, who is a creator, executive producer, writer, and also an Emmy award winner. This fun show was built from his own experience with Alice’s family.

She married Jim in 1958 and had five children including Alieen McCarthy Cawley, wife of Tucker. She has a total of 12 grandchildren.

Alice died on September 13, 2019, a few months after Merry Happy Whatever wrapped up filming. She was 80 years old at that time.

Why Netflix's Merry Happy Whatever paid tribute in loving memory of her on the show

When fans were watching the final episode of the series, they quickly noticed a quick brief and loving tribute to Alice McCarthy. There’s a whole dedication page to her which says ‘In the loving memory of Alice McCarthy’ on a black screen and it's lovely to see the show showing respect to her.

What is Merry Happy Whatever about?

The original American comedy television series is a fun-based Christmas-themed series that is about a tight-knit family who reunites during the holiday season. This show is actually based on Tucker’s own experience that he found dealing with her wife’s family during the holiday season. 

It premiered on Netflix on November 28, 2019, and has a total of eight episodes. 

This comedy-drama series is one of the best sitcoms in a long time and fans are wondering why it ended so soon.

Will there be season 2 of Netflix’s Merry Happy Whatever?

Merry Happy Whatever is a short series, a mix of fun and drama, which made it enjoyable but Netflix canceled it in April 2020. The series received a very mixed review from the fans and critics and because it is a holiday-focused show, it was somehow difficult to continue according to sources.

Though Netflix was yet to renew the series, earlier this year, the Merry Happy Whatever cast was more than willing to continue the show to a second season and even the producers had some unique ideas to keep the show fresh, but recently Tucker confirmed on his Instagram that Merry Happy Whatever will not be coming back for a second season which made the show’s fans heartbroken and pissed on Netflix.

For fans of the show, Season 1 of Merry Happy Whatever is still on Netflix and will always be there.

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