Life by Lee blogger Lee Anne Benjamin Wiki: Who is her husband Dylan Benjamin?

Caption : Lee Anne Benjamin

Lee Anne Benjamin is best known for ‘Life by Lee’ which is a fashion blog mixed with family content, personal life, travel, beauty, try-on videos, recipes, and many more.  You can take a look at her blog ‘Life by Lee’ here and also find out how she started blogging and her obsession with Instagram. Who is her husband, Dylan Benjamin?

Lee Anne Benjamin short bio

Lee Anne Benjamin is a wife, mom, blogger, YouTube newbie, home decor and social media, and online marketing consultant. She is married to Dylan Benjamin and has one brother and one sister like her husband. Both of them feel very lucky to have siblings in their life.

Lee is well known for her blog ‘Life by Lee’ which she has been working on for over 8 years now. She is passionate about health, tech, living a happy life, and entrepreneurship so those are the basis of what she shares in her blog. Aside from that, she is also a co-founder of the Austin Passbook. 

She is an open book in her blog sharing stories from her pregnancy to children. For her, success is not only about money but also freedom. Having the freedom to work from wherever you want and build your career on your terms is what makes her feel successful. She also loves self-motivated people would love to work with those who are motivated without needing someone to motivate them 

When did Lee Anne start blogging?

Lee Anne graduated with a degree in Apparel Merchandising but felt that her career wasn’t going in any direction like any young lady. She felt stuck and uninspired on a daily basis and decided to start a shopping blog featuring items that she thought were fun and trending.

She started blogging back in 2010 while working in Retail management. She loved doing it and got stuck right away. She even taught herself to build websites, use social media, drive traffic to the site and monetize it. 

She spent a lot of time on her computer and googling. From 2010-2015 she dove into the world of blogs and freelance social media work and working with many clients and companies creating social content and building online marketing plans. 

Currently, she works as a consultant for an affiliate marketing company, runs her blogs and YouTube, and works on a business with her husband as well.

Who is Lee Anne's husband Dylan Benjamin?

Lee Anne Benjamin family

Dylan Benjamin is a dad, lifestyle blogger, and entrepreneur. Lee Anne and Dylan have their separate blog but go through similar kinds of names. Dylan’s ‘Life by Dylan’ is a fashion and family blog which covers topics such as men's fashion, tech, new sports carts, starting your own company, and travel. The goal of his blog is to give a peek into the ups and downs of life as an entrepreneur. He also tries to convince people to make the jump and follow their dreams.

Lee and Dylan bounce lots of ideas off of each other. As both of them work in similar blogs that make them have the same mindset when it comes to business.

This power couple has two beautiful children with a son named Noah and a daughter named Emma. Lee uploaded this family picture on her Instagram and with two children she is currently a busy mom.

Lee and Dylan also thought about having three kids as they both come from a family of three but are still unsure about it. At the moment she is a mom to the best little boy and the best little girl and she already feels much fulfilled as a mother.

Lee Anne’s obsession is Instagram

Being a blogger, she spent many times on social media platforms but Instagram really intrigues her. She called Instagram her recent obsession.

She is so active and interested in Instagram that she doubled her followers in just 6 months after starting to use it and is currently at over 700k followers. Her Instagram handle is @leeannebenjamin, if you look at her account it looks very effective and organized. 

She even shared her husband Dylan’s Instagram handle on her bio, making her such a supportive wife.

How much is Lee Anne's net worth?

Lee Anne Benjamin may be public about her family and career life but she has kept private about her net worth. We can tell you that she earns from her Instagram, blogs, and business that she works with her husband.

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