Everything you need to know about ‘The Young & The Restless’ actress Briana Thomas Anthony ‘Tony’ Morina lawsuit

Caption : Briana Thomas sues Sony and CBS

Briana Thomas is suing Sony Pictures Television, which produces the long-running soap opera  ‘The Young and the Restless’. According to her, the showrunner Anthony ‘Tony’ Morina harassed and threatened her on the set. When Briana rebuffed him she found out that she was later fired from the show. Let’s get details on what is happening in Briana Tomas and Anthony Morina’s harassment case.

What happened to Briana Thomas?

Actress Briana Thomas was allegedly repeatedly harassed by Anthony ‘Tony’ Morina. She filed legal papers in LA Superior Court claiming what has happened to her in detail. The lawsuit was officially filed on Thursday, April 19, 2021.

Anthony Morina is the producer and director of ‘The Young and the Restless’ whereas Briana was the actress of the show. Being in a higher position, Morina tried to use his power and take advantage of Briana Thomas. Morina, directly and indirectly, harassed the actress several times.

But Briana was neither interested in him nor in what he has to offer. She didn’t listen to him and instead turned him down. However, she did not know it would hamper her job because after the incident Morina fired her from the show.

What did Anthony ‘Tony’ Morina do to Briana Thomas? What does the complaint say?

Anthony Morina

According to the complaints, Anthony repeatedly made advances toward Briana, commented on her body, and offered her some private lessons. 

According to the lawsuits, in his own words, he said, ‘It’s a tough industry to break into unless you know someone who can help you.’  Let’s start with a private session and see if we can get you a little more comfortable’.

The complaint also includes some details of the harassment. Anthony would often stare at her, get excuses to get close to her. He over and over complimented her look and told her she could really be something on the show. But she needs help from some powerful people like him.

On one occasion, Morina allegedly cornered Thomas in a stairwell, asked her if she lived alone, and asked if she wanted his private lessons. She was more forceful this time in her rejection than she had previously been.

Morina then started to yell at her on set, saying things like she was just an extra. I’m the reason why you have this job. I am doing you a favor. I like you. Do you understand what I’m saying? And many more.

There is also one news that in one poolside scene, Anthony allegedly tried to get Thomas to remove her sarong, a large length of fabric wrapped around the body so that he could see her in a bikini. 

When did Morina start to harass her? 

Briana Thomas claims that Morina continued to harass her and make inappropriate advances through the years 2018 and 2019. It was when she played a background role of a barista on his CBS soap opera.

He did not only harassed but according to the suit, he has also complained about having to attend harassment training. He has also previously made some bad comments on females and in return blamed them for not knowing how to take compliments.

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