Who is Karla Ann from Gold Rush: Parker's Trail? Gold Rush cast 2019 updates

Caption : Karla Ann

Parker Schnabel may be the star of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail but fans also tune in to watch his former rock truck driver, Karla Ann Charlton. Well, if you’re a fan of Karla Ann too, read on for a short bio on her and find out her age and Instagram. 

Karla Ann short bio

Karla Ann first joined the cast of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail in 2017. The Vernon, British Columbia native has a deep Yukon connection thanks to her great-grandfather, who was actually one of the first miners.

Talking to Discovery about her family history, Karla Ann said, “He came from Sweden, late 1800s, early 1900s.. and in his diary he had one shoe, and like nothing. "[He] staked a claim and found gold and raised his family here. I'm quite inspired by that."

Gold Rush cast Karla Ann

She has traveled as far as Guyana with the crew, where they mined gold in Marudi.  When she's not on the show or exploring wilderness, you can find Karla Ann snowboarding.  She is a member of the Canadian Ski Guide Association.

You can find Karla Ann on Instagram

Karla Ann likes to keep her fans updated on her life. She recently joined Parker Schnabel and Rick Ness in Papua New Guinea.

 You can find her on her Instagram @karla_ann, where you can findthe behind-the-scenes photos from the Gold Rush set.

Who is Karla Ann dating?

Karla Ann and Rick Ness

Fans have been pairing Karla with her new mining boss, Rick Ness. But they are definitely not dating. Ness cleared the rumors once and for all in early January 2019 when he revealed that Karla is the sister he never had. They seem pretty close on the show and Karla frequently posts Ness' photos on her Instagram. But they are definitely just friends.

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