Who are Nicu and Maria Andreescu? Parents of US Open star Bianca Andreescu

Caption : Bianca Andreescu's parents Nicu and Maria

Bianca Andresscu has been making headlines left and right after winning the US Open but she isn't the only popular person in her family. Andresscu's parents, father Nicu Andreescu and mother Maria Andreescu, have also been fixtures at her matches. Read on to know more about Bianca Andresscu's family. 

Who is Nicu Andresscu? Father of Bianca Andreescu

Nicu Andresscu is the father of tennis prodigy Bianca Andresscu. He is of Romanian descent. Nicu graduated from Transilvania University of Brasov with a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering.

He along with his wife, Maria, came to Canada in 1994 to work an engineering job in Toronto. Nicu met his wife while they were studying in Romania. On immigrating to Canada, Nicu said to Globe and Mail, "We arrived in Canada with two suitcases and that’s all. We had a great first impression when we arrived, having come from a former communist country. We wanted to go to Canada and start a new life and have a better future for any kids we might have."

Nicu has been on the sidelines at every game, cheering on his daughter with a big smile on his face. 

Who is Maria Andreescu? Mother of Bianca Andreescu

Bianca Andreescu's mother Maria

Fans of Bianca have also taken a liking to her mother, even more than her father, Nicu. Bianca's mother, Maria Andreescu, has become a bit of a viral sensation over the internet because of her cool demeanor and those massive sunglasses she never fails to wear. 

"She's the coolest person I know," Bianca says.

Maria Andreescu is a chief compliance office for an investment firm based in Toronto. She graduated from the University of Craiova in her native Romania. In 2006, Maria and Bianca moved to Romania so Maria could run a trucking business. They stayed in Romania for three years and later moved back to Canada. 

It was during her time in Romania that young Bianca took up tennis and upon returning to Canada started training competitively at Team Canada's Under 14 National Training Center in Toronto.

Bianca credits her mother for her focus and discipline on the court. It was Maria who taught her mindfulness and meditation. “I was maybe about 12. Ever since then I have been meditating and I do a lot of yoga," Bianca told the Women's Tennis Association.

Bianca's family is not complete without the family dog, Coco - a 7 pound poodle. Coco is also present at Bianca's matches, watching from Maria's lap. 

Bianca Andreescu rises 10 spots to No. 5 in world rankings

Bianca Andreescu

Hailed the queen of Canadian tennis, Andreescu rose to a career high No. 5 in world rankings after her stunning Grand Slam win against tennis royalty Serena Williams. 

And Bianca is only getting started. "I never thought it would be this hectic, but I’m not complaining. This is truly an amazing accomplishment, but I could definitely get used to this feeling. I’m not done yet," she said on Good Morning America.

Since claiming the title, Andreescu has been making the rounds at several US morning shows to talk about her win. She has already made appearances on Live with Kelly & Ryan, Today, The View, and The Tonight Show. 

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