Who is Collin on the Bold and the Beautiful? Model and actor Oli Green joins B&B cast as Steffy Forrester's love interest

Caption : Steffy Forrester and Collin

Steffy Forrester is getting a new man, and he's named Collin! So naturally fans are wondering who plays Collin on the Bold and the Beautiful. Oli Green is the latest addition to the Bold and the Beautiful cast. The actor and model will be a love interest of Steffy Forrester. Read on to know Oli Green's age, his girlfriend, Instagram and height.

Who plays Collin on the Bold and the Beautiful?

Oli Green

We have exciting news for all the Steffy fans! Your girl is finally getting a new man and it's a totally new character. Steffy's new potential love interest is coming to the Bold and the Beautiful canvas this week. 

Fans have been waiting for Steffy to move on from Liam for a long time. Maybe this time it might actually happen. And it's high time that Steffy be with someone other than Liam or a Spencer for that matter. She has also dated Liam's brother, Wyatt, and how could we forget her affair with their father, Bill Spencer? 

So we're very excited to meet this new character, who will meet Steffy at Forrester Creations. The newcomer, Collin, will take a liking to Steffy and ask her out. Model and actor Oli Green is set to play Collin on the Bold and the Beautiful. Oli Green will appear as Collin for the first time on Friday, January 3. 

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Oli Green wiki: Know his age, Instagram, height

Model and actor Oli Green

Oli Green is a model and actor. Although he is a fairly new talent in acting, Green has been modeling for much longer. He received his acting training from The Lee Strasberg Institute in New York City and is repped by London based modeling agency, Chapter Management. 

According to his modeling profile, the hazel eyed hottie is 6'1" tall. He was the face of fashion brand Burberry for its spring 2018 collection.

If you want to see more of Oli Green, you can find him on Instagram @ooroosgreen. Although he doesn't have a large following right now, we're sure that will change after B&B fans get a taste of him on the show. Green has also appeared in a music video for singer John Eatherly's song, Burnout.

Does Oli Green have a girlfriend?

Oli Green will soon be romancing Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) on the Bold and the Beautiful as Collin. But what about real life? Does the model have a girlfriend. We did some digging and found out that Oli Green indeed has a girlfriend. 

Oli Green girlfriend

His girlfriend's name is Evie Henderson. There aren't many photos of the two together but Evie posted this photo of them on Oli's birthday in 2018. "Happy Birthday to my love," she wrote in the caption. We don't know his birth date, but now we know that his birthday is on October 20.

Steffy Forrester and Collin on the Bold and the Beautiful

It's been a while since we've seen Steffy Forrester have her dedicated romance storyline. More often than not, she's sort of a side character caught in whatever drama Liam and Hope get into. There is still a lot of love for Steam although Liam and Steffy haven't been an official couple for a long time. But some fans wish Steffy would get a new man ASAP. Well, you got your wish!

Collin will be a newcomer at Forrester Creations and will be interested in taking Steffy out on a date. But will Steffy accept the offer?  B&B spoilers reveal that Thomas will push Steffy to get back with Liam so he can be with Hope. Whether Steffy will fall for her brother’s tricks remains to be seen.

We're excited to see model and actor Oli Green play Collin on the Bold and the Beautiful. The Steffy Forrester and Collin storyline will be much needed change on the show. Follow Oli Green on Instagram to see what he's upto. And stay tuned to the Bold and the Beautiful to know if Oli Green will make Steffy his girlfriend.

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